Lupe Fiasco Raps About Smoking Crack In New Song With Chris Brown

63. Lupe Fiasco “Outta My Head,” Lasers (2011)

Lupe Fiasco has some interesting stuff in store for his upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth. After debuting a new song for the ladies entitled “Drizzy’s Law” and recently saying the project would be uncharacteristically “ratchet,” Lupe revealed in an interview with LA’s Power 106 it might even have something for the basehead in you. Fiasco said there will be a song featuring Chris Brown on the album entitled “Crack” that will talk about smoking that hard white.

“The song with Chris Brown called, “Crack.” It’s about smoking crack, that’s what the song is about,” explained Fiasco. “People are like, ‘How could you make a song about smoking crack?’ I’m like, why not? People smoke crack. It’s a problem. It’s not a problem? Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m just going to present it to you in a format where, hey this song is about smoking crack. How you deal with it is how you deal with it.”

Lupe went on to explain that the meaning of the record is up to the listener saying, “Does it make you go fight a anti-drug campaign? Does it make you want to smoke crack? Does it build you up as a crack dealer? Does it tear you down as a crack dealer? I don’t know. I don’t really care. But I’m going to make a song about smoking crack called, “Crack.”

Check out the entire interview, where the Chicago rapper talks Kanye West’s confederate flag gear, his vision when it comes to videos and more on the forthcoming LP, below.

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  • tom

    Lupe the great

  • April Thomas

    Maybe I misread something but, HUH?

    Lupe is a great lyricist however, does he remind you of your mumbling cousin that is always at the table talking but no one knows what the fuck he’s talking about? Like he has some prolific shit to say but at the same time, what the fuck is he talking about? #NoShade.
    I love him for Bitch Bad. That was some real shit and it was true. I know he has a great mind therefore, I am blaming the misinterpretation of this interview on the reader and not the messenger….
    Still don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about though.

  • CEO

    stimulating conversation. If people want to act ratchet then Lupe will take it to the ultimate. Is all this culture leading up to destruction like crack? What good has come of it? Broken homes from foolish sexual one night stands or Happy homes built on mutual respect? Mature business people in our communities or Old broke people in our communities who don’t know how to grow up?
    Let’s talk.

  • Slim Joe

    lupe fell of with lasers. dude used to be tight tho

    • cetrata

      Heard liqour 2 was better. Keep in mind lasers was pretty much had most of the album dicated by atlantic records.

  • Celticsrck

    Featuring Rob Ford