Lupe Fiasco ended his Salt Lake City, Utah show early on Saturday night, following an incident where a fan threw a tomato that hit Lupe while on stage. The Chi-town rapper was performing "Kick, Push," when a tomato flew from the balcony, causing Lupe to halt the song. After pointing into the crowd at the alleged perpetrator, Lupe asked the balcony section to come down to the floor as boos and chants of "Fuck You" circled through the venue. Lupe called the woman a "fat, white bitch," and then ended his show after the people in her section did not come down to the floor.

After the show, Lupe tweeted his reactions, saying, "Safety first...bitch threw some shit...I asked the balcony to come down to the floor...they said fuck shows over...#SaltyLake hahaha" and "I call her a "fat white bitch" cuz she was a fat white bitch...once you throw things you become a bitch...who just happens to be fat & white," and "The show was cancelled cuz when I asked for the balcony to be cleared just in case it was other snipers I got middle fingers so on 2 #Denver."

The response has been mixed, to say the least. Last year Lupe got himself into a sparring match with SPIN after the site published a scathing review of his song and video "Bitch Bad," which attempted to address misogyny in hip-hop. SPIN called the video "reckless social commentary," to which Lupe responded with a #BoycottSpinMagazine Twitter campaign (despite the fact that SPIN's owners, BuzzMedia, had already shuttered the publication's magazine).

In response to his tweets, some fans expressed disappointment at his characterization of the woman who threw the tomato. "@SanaSaeed: I'm a fan and a woman, as I hope you noticed. Never saw you use that word in such a way. Disappointed,” said one, to which Lupe responded, "She was a bitch tho.."

Watch the footage from the show above, and check the tweets below (oldest at bottom).