Lord Jamar Says Hip-Hop Is “Not A Gay Music”

You talked about white rappers bringing something to the table that doesn’t necessarily align itself with the sensibilities of hip-hop. Were you saying…
The “Same Love” song is what I’m talking about.

So you’re talking about Macklemore?
To me, that’s an opportunist move that he did. We know the climate we’re in right now. I don’t think he cares about gays one way or the other, but he knew that would be a great way to get attention and a great way to blow up. In the climate we’re in right now, you’ll get a nice pat on the back for something like that. And I’m like, if that’s the way you feel, [then] cool, but to use a hip-hop song to promote it? That’s where I have a little problem about it. [Hip-hop] is not that. It started as a culture for alpha males, especially black and Latino males in the inner city. Those people that started it always shunned shit we deemed soft. You can call it what you want to call it, [but] it’s just part of the culture. It’s not about being homophobic; nobody is running or screaming down the street when they see a gay person. Nobody is trying to beat them up or anything like that. But at the same time, we’re not trying to promote that within hip-hop, because this is not a gay music. If you like that kind of music, make your own genre. I have no problem with it. Y’all had your own genre. Y’all had house music and stuff like that, but it didn’t pop off like hip-hop did, so everybody now wants to attach themselves to the shit that’s poppin’ and claim it as their own. Every culture has it’s own accomplishments and they claim them as their own. We just celebrated Columbus Day—that’s the Italians claiming the discovery of America, which is not even true. But they’re proud of that accomplishment. Should I say Italians are racist because they say nobody can claim a land and that everyone lives here now? That’s what they’re trying to tell me: No one can claim a genre of music.

So the Polish can’t claim poker. The Mexicans can’t claim mariachi. The Italians can’t claim opera? Or the Japanese can’t claim Anime? You know, I like Anime but does that give me the right to go to Japan and make the policy about Anime? No, of course not. We speak the English language; this is the most spoken language around the world. Does every person that speaks the English language have the right to talk about the affairs of England? Of course not.

What do you say to people that say things change and that hip-hop, like other things, evolves?
Things do change, but the more things change, the more things stay the same, too. It’s like things change to a degree and it’s like how you change. It’s also [about] who’s making the changes and who’s making those decisions. And when we say “evolve,” [my question is] we evolve into what? What are we evolving into? The first definition of evolution is just the prescribed unfolding of a plan. The definition that everybody is thinking of is damn near the fourth definition in the dictionary, which is going from the simplest state to a higher state and the making of something better—that’s what your trying to interpret the acceptance of homosexuality, and I’m saying that’s debatable. I’m saying we need to debate that and see is that really evolution—does that even make sense? To me, in evolution you evolve things that help you to get better. You might grow arms and be able to go on land now, or whatever the case may be. Colors so other species can identify you and sexually be with you to procreate the species.

I’m just trying to understand how man on man or woman on woman, which doesn’t create life, is actually an elevation for the species. I understand the elevation of species as far as understanding and loving your fellow man no matter what—I get that and dig that. That’s a good thing. But, as far as the actual act, it’s just debatable. And at the same time, I have the right to not agree with it. I have the right as a human being to not agree with it. To be heterosexual is to be anti-gay, to keep it real. Gays will look at heterosexual stuff and say, “Ew, that’s disgusting,” the same way a heterosexual person would look at that and say, “Ew, that’s disgusting.”

Am I trying to stop from you getting married or stuff like that? No. Am I walking in the street and trying to beat your ass? No. But am I trying to stop you from promoting that type of message within what I feel is my culture? Yes. And I have the right to do that. Because where do we draw the line? It’s bad enough with all the misogyny that’s in hip-hop now. I got to hear about dudes fucking girls and this and that. Now I got to hear about two guys sucking each other off? Cause that’s where it’s going to go. And then were gonna take it there from the audio to the visuals. We can always say turn it off and watch it, and yeah, I’ll turn it off and watch it. How about the young, impressionable minds that look up to the rappers and are ready to follow whatever they’re doing? What about them? You can’t pull the wool over my eyes and you’re not going to stop me from speaking the truth, just by calling me all these names, like old and homophobic. Those are just words to neutralize someone’s voice, and I’m well aware of these tools and that’s why they don’t affect me.

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  • what

    he on point with that… u have been seeing all the racist coming out…Lord never said nothing racist he just making sure guests are not pushing agendas that have nothing to do with Hip Hop… u even see some of Yelawolf crew with Confederate flag so that tell u alot… im glad he said something cause u seeing those true colors of racism for blacks are still their and it shows when they attack him on twitter with it… they ok and happy as long as u let them do what they want in anyway they want with something that was not theirs from the start… most Yelawolf fans dont follow Hip Hop like that and dont know the history of it and the vets they just follow who they think is cool at the moment thats why they dont have that respect for the vets in Hip Hop.. if u asked them who Herc is the father of Hip Hip they probably be like who that… u have to be strong and firm sometimes with something that is urs or it gets taken..history has shown that … blacks create something and whites a figure out a way to keep it and make it for them it is nothing new and people think times have changed but look how quick they to call Lord a nigger over his stance on something his people created ..when i see Lord Jamar followers speak on it they talk with sense and reason when u hear the Yelawolf followers they talk like kids they start saying he old and irelevent and he a loser and know one care about what he say or that no one know him,, stupid stuff cause they not intact with the culture they have no respect for it…all they know is rap music thats what they know a rapper they dont respect it as a culture cause if they did they would not attack him that way on line.. white cats who really understand the culture like RA the rugged man agree with lord jamar

    • David Edwardzz

      I’m not going to attack Jamar for what he said but I still disagree with him

  • Truth is Truth

    This is truly bullshit .. YELAWOLF already acknowledges the roots of the culture and he has always paid respect and shown homage to the Legends .. His music and art is a reflection of who he is and where he comes from — everyone has their own story and environment and both Lord Jamar and Yelawolf can both agree that each his own — we’re not here to judge others — it’s about the expression of art and your own opinions .. The “shut the fuck up” and then the subsequent Instagram post / Twitter posts are just HIP HOP that’s just a playful diss and challenge — the same way as putting it on wax .. the Racist comments are HORRIBLE and honestly probably not a reflection of Lord Jamar or Yelawolf — but a few of their fans, but a reflection of some of the mindset that does exist in this country .. it’s sad and real, but there are REAL intellectuals and people on the front lines that are dealing with and battling RACE ISSUES — and it’s NOT HERE .. show respect to those that are actually dealing with it and take your voices to the right places if you want to make an impact .. Music is Music .. If Lord Jamar and Yelawolf just sit down and talk Music, I guarantee a mutual respect for each other will be found .. YELAWOLF is HIP HOP and of course Brand Nubian is LEGEND .. Do your fucking research please and have a legit conversation about this shit ..


    how is lord jamar telling yelawolf to “shut his ‘trailer trash’ mouth” not as fucked up of a thing as someone telling lord jamar to “shut his ‘ghetto ass’ mouth?” or something like that? seems to be totally ok to say shit like that to white people these days but the reverse is never ok. some of his ideas make sense but some comments make him sound like the “rap game ty cobb.”

    • hv

      ugly ass yelawolf said shut the fuck up to jamar first

      • PERSON

        agreed. but why did the phrase “trailer trash” have to be inserted into the response? that’s just inserting a race-based adjective into the conversation. it’s unnecessary & makes LJ look racist. if someone black tells bill o’reilly to “shut the fuck up” and he comes back with “shut your ghetto-ass mouth” just because the person was black that “ghetto-ass” part is unwarranted and would show racist intent.

  • Zuri A.

    I agree 100%

  • Timothy Kincaid

    No he doesn’t think racist hip-hop is cool. Just homophobic hip-hop.

    Well I’m glad he cleared that up. Not-cool to hate on him, but cool to hate on others. Yep, he’s a real Einstein.

  • Allen Walters

    Totally on point with that – you know a lot of people just don’t want to keep it real anymore. We got to be real about what we think about ourselves – not putting anyone else down but what do we expect from ourselves. keep it real Lord Jamal, keep it real

  • Seriouslyfolks

    He ain’t neva lied. Just because the folks in positions of authority in media happen to be gay does not mean that everyone has to represent their agenda in order to make them feel more comfortable.

    • David Edwardzz

      that is why there is so much anti-gay lyrics?

  • Zim Babwe

    civil rights | pl.n. | The rights belonging to an individual by virtue of citizenship, especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress, including civil liberties, due process, equal protection of the laws, and freedom from discrimination. | Sexual preference, moral & religious ideologies aside, this boils down to a continuation of the same civil rights issue & struggle that has also affected peoples based on race & gender

  • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

    I’m not gonna pretend to be some kind of Hip Hop historian but I never got the impression its direction was limited to only Black and Latino men. I felt the genre spoke to people in low socioeconomic situations no matter their color. Hip Hop started for the poor, downtrodden, and oppressed in society. At that time Blacks and Latinos fit that description best as a whole. It didn’t mean Whites and Asians could never fit that description. I’m not gonna say Lord Jamar was dead wrong in saying White artists are guests, because historically they have been but times have changed. Thats like saying Black men are guests in MLB. Well sure, back when Jackie Robinson was playing, they were guests, but we’ve progressed beyond that.

    Now onto the gay stuff. I get where he’s coming from but I think he’s a little paranoid. Look who listens to Macklemore. Those are the same people that listen to a lot of the Pop, Top 40, garbage frankly. I doubt you’ll find many listeners that are into the alpha-male Hip hop as he put it, that also heavily listen to people like Macklemore, Pitbull, Flo Rida, or even Drake. Hip Hop will be intact you have nothing to worry about. If you ask me the trash rap is more of a threat than homosexual themes ever will be. I’m not gonna step on any toes here but I’m sure you can think of a few trash rappers that are getting a lot of air time these days.

    • Grim Fury

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Phillip Jackson

      Excuse me but actually Hip-Hop was directed for African-Americans and with you not being “A Hip-Hop Historian” you shouldn’t comment on this then. Just like with any type of music that was developed by Blacks in the past whether it be Jazz, BeBop, Rock N’ Roll, Motown, Hip-Hop it was always an outlet for Blacks to express themselves. Even going back to slavery, Blacks made what on plantations? Negro Spirituals. With me stating all of this, Hip-Hop was a form of Black expression, have you not paid attention to the early Hip-Hop groups like Public Enemy, NWA, Tribe called Quest? Artists like Queen Latifah that speak for uplifting Black women. We can’t help it if other cultures enjoy our music it has always been that way, whites stole and flipped every genre of music we developed. But, the problem comes in when people like you don’t know any type of history of Hip-Hop and artists like Yelawolf say things to LEGENDS like Lord Jamar. Yes it’s a free country to participate in whatever music you like, but have some knowledge and respect. It has to go both ways

      • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

        Thats cool but I respectfully disagree. I’ve already stated my case. And you’re a Hip Hop historian? Pssssh. I never denied Blacks started Hip Hop but you can’t say only Blacks have the right to participate in its formation. Hip Hop is not tangible. Its an idea. Ideas flow freely and can’t be owned unless manifested in something tangible. Tell me the last time you were able to touch a sound. Your argument is no different from the Whites that say Basketball, football, and baseball were their sports and it was hijacked by Blacks in some sort of way. You’d be the first to label that as racist. How is what you say any different? I’m glad to see people of other races and cultures embracing Hip Hop and adding to it. This isn’t 1865 Phillip, we live in a globalized world. Get over it.

        • Phillip Jackson

          And I never said Blacks only have the right to participate in Hip-Hop. I did say other cultures have to respect our music if you read it correctly. Yes, whites have come in and stole music you cannot deny that fact. Secondly, music and sports is a totally different subject. Yes, you can argue that.. but that argument is not logical. Blacks were limited in sports, they were not allowed to play on other white teams, they could not be credited for their value in sports even though some people did. So for a white person to say Blacks stole a sport is downright ignorant if your race is brought over to a country and then limited on many other things in the country. It’s called breaking a color barrier not stealing. Now I am not one who has any resentment towards Caucasians, but with YOUR Argument you obviously don’t understand so how about you travel back to 1865 and learn some history before you can speak about the future because that is the problem now. For a race that has degraded so many other races, came to the Americas and stole the land from Who? (Native Americans) and claimed it and said its their own. Formed history based on a whole European perspective and caused the separation between whites and blacks because they were afraid of miscegenation. Yes, other cultures might embrace Hip-Hop now, but Hip-Hop now is not what it use to be when it was a form of rebellion and culture expression to now where you have so many artist who speak on topics strictly about money and girls or saying “F these Niggas” and constantly showing negative images of African-American women. That’s the kind of Hip-Hop other cultures should embrace today? I was not aware. And if you were wondering the last time I touched a sound was this past summer, and the last time I discussed Hip-Hop was actually on my blog. If I have to get over people like you who can’t understand history and reflect it on the future.. then I am sorry because I cannot get over that.

          • https://twitter.com/JordanDJohnson Jordan

            Please tell me what constitutes stealing when it comes to Hip Hop? I don’t understand how you can steal a genre. Do you seriously think there is some conspiracy to “steal” from Black people? Do you not see the hypocrisy of what you just said? You claim, with truth, that Blacks were held from participating in sports for a time. But you don’t see that Lord Jamar with his trailer park remark basically did the same to Yelawolf. There have been few White rappers that have been allowed to enjoy mainstream success. Why is that? Since you’re so knowledgeable about Hip Hop I’m sure you’ve seen 8 Mile. The road wasn’t easy for Eminem largely because he was White and people like you somehow or another saw that as a threat. How is that any different from Blacks getting into at the time, majority White leagues? I’m not sure you understand the definition of the word “logical” because there is no difference. So you feel that Whites today should be somehow or another punished or held back from things for what their ancestors did in the past? Yeah its messed up but I’ve never met a White person that’s killed a Native American or lynched a Black man. Do you know what its called when you make assessments on an entire group of people? And you throw trash Hip Hop into your argument like anyone besides those who produce and listen to it are to blame. I’m sorry, is that the White man’s fault too? It wouldn’t be so prevalent if no one listened to it. You touched a sound huh? LMAO yeah and I smelled a color last week. You’re amusing, I’d really love to see your blog, please give me the link.

          • Phillip Jackson

            First: I never said Lord Jamar was wrong with what he said, but if you want to be technical in that sense Lord Jamar never stated anything about Yelawolf being “white”. Yelawolf started the disagreement with the shutup statement right? Ok. Second I am not saying “8 Mile” is a bad movie, it is a great Hip-Hop movie. But it is totally Hollywood. You are saying this as if Eminem was the first white person to ever be a rapper. umm.. what about the Beastie Boys during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, I don’t remember many Black people criticizing and rejecting them for their art. And for you to say I am categorizing people as a group, and then you put me into a group of people who rejected Eminem? I mean you don’t know who I listen to Lol. I’m speaking from a point of view where it seems as if every single genre created by African-Americans does get flipped and changed by White people that is just a fact that some people don’t want to look at. And the argument of trash Hip-Hop is just because trash Hip-Hop is only made because it is whats marketable now. You really act like some these new one hit wonder artists are subliminal to what attracts a huge audience fast these days.Everybody knows that it takes a while for a rapper who has actual substance in their music to gain a large appeal to a mass of people who have been programmed to think that negative music is the correct music to listen to. The Media controls the people and the corporations control the media. It is not called “programs” and “programming” for no reason sir. And the fact is that the majority of people that control those major corporations are predominantly white. And your saying Old White men who are mainly focused on business understand true Hip-Hop culture? I mean have you not seen the commercials that have been developed aiming towards stereotypes toward Blacks. Hip-Hop is not something that is just “Tangible” but for those who don’t understand that is all they think of it (You). Yes slavery is gone, yes blacks don’t march down the street anymore but the mindset is still there and if you cannot notice that then wake up.

            eyeabstract.blogspot.com I could use some more views I started this in July going into my Freshman year at college this year.

          • David Edwardzz

            “And the fact is that the majority of people that control those major corporations are predominantly white.”

            Perhaps corporations in general

            But lets look at who holds the power in hip hop

            Alfred C. Liggins III–CEO of Radioone, which owns close to 70 stations in over 22 cities.

            Debra L. Lee–CEO of BET

            Kim Osorio a Latina—Editor-in-Chief of the Source

            Jermaine Hall–Editor–in–chief of Vibe Magazine

            Russel Simmons–founder of Def Jam

            P. Diddy’s Bad Boy, and Master P’s “No Limit Records”

            Steve Stoute–Record Executive-At Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Stoute served as President of the Urban Music division and executive vice president, producing best-selling albums from U2, Eve and Limp Bizkit, as well as Eminem’s debut album




            Blacks dont have ANY POWER?

          • Phillip Jackson

            Thank you for the facts on record companies. But, those music videos made by those record labels are put on MTV, BET and other networks which is all owned by Viacom which happens to be owned by a Caucasian.

            Now I am not necessarily saying Blacks have no power at all, I am not against whites either.. but what is the reason for the constant negative portrayal of African-Americans when we created this music in the beginning? There is probably a lot of things that we are not aware of when it comes to who controls those corporations also so it is bigger than those facts you just gave me. Other corporations don’t focus on the value of Hip-Hop culture they just focus on the money, what people want, and how they can make more money.

          • David Edwardzz

            In case you didnt get the memo MTV stopped playing videos a long time ago, Must watch this video, explains it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ysyZF-DZFY

          • Phillip Jackson
          • Phillip Jackson

            So MTVJams? MTVHits. have no connection to MTV? and like i said before.. Viacom owns all or at least most of the Entertainment networks.. so go back to my original statement lol

          • David Edwardzz

            Please break up your paragraphs so its easier to read next time

          • David Edwardzz

            Please break up your paragraphs next time so its easier to read.

      • David Edwardzz

        What about black rappers that happen to be gay? Do they have a right to participate?

        • Phillip Jackson

          That’s a different conversation, but yes they do

  • Salmon_Sweet

    Lord Jamar should suck Farrakhan.
    Fuck your ethnicity

  • Brycesublime

    Can we please stop giving Lord Jamar a soapbox? He is a bitter, washed-up racist homophobe. Nothing around it. Just because you are old as shit doesn’t mean your opinion counts, or that anyone should ignore how ridiculous you sound. Brand Nubian sucks anyway. You didn’t change shit, and your crappy group didn’t change shit. Guys like Ice Cube and KRS One built the house of hip-hop. You are the ugly neon Budweiser sign they hung in the basement next to the hot water heater. And yea, it aint even plugged in. Just like you.

  • NativeKing

    what does it matter what Lord Jamar thinks/says????

  • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

    His idea about Hip Hop not being “a gay music” is so contradictory. You can’t maintain a genre as only being about one thing or one ideal. that’s just not realistic and it stifles artistic expression. He paints it as Macklemore being opportunistic simply because it worked and Macklemore is a big deal now. Comes off as professional jealousy to me so he finds a way to downplay it. Say what you will about Macklemore, some people don’t consider him real hip hop, but you can’t own a musical genre and you can’t own what ideas are expressed through it. Gays are supposed to have their own music? Oh, like Indians were supposed to stay on reservations? GTFO, their is no logic to what he’s saying. Macklemore is from Seattle though, a very liberal city that has been about gay rights for a long time, so I’m pretty sure Macklemore does care one way or the other about what he’s saying. He’s got a gay uncle for God sake. I don’t want this to simply be defending Macklemore, cause people may not like the song musically, but they didn’t even expect that song to be successful, they thought it could very well be career suicide, so this lord jamar dude (who is he by the way) is nonsensical.

  • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

    How does he draw the conclusion from Macklemore’s song to hip hop having rap songs about dudes sucking each other off?

    • David Edwardzz

      Its a bit of a stretch to say the least

  • Selorm Amuzu

    The thing is Hip-hop is art at the end of the day! It has always been and always will open because that is the nature of art. It is the same nature that has given Lord Jamar and 5%ers the opportunity to express their views and mindsets, the same nature that has encouraged white rappers to even start expressing themselves by even trying to rap and though I am not into “homo-rap”, I am really not surprised. The reality is you can never set limits to forms of art and expression because it is the easiest way for that art form to die. Lord Jamar’s views are just simply outdated