Even though Kanye West took to national television to release his much-anticipated video for "Bound 2," the warm, sample-heavy closer to Yeezus, he probably doesn't really care what anyone thinks of it. The video, which depicts Kanye riding through the American frontier with a naked Kim Kardashian, is an us-against-the-world statement of love and was probably made more as an ode to Kim than an actual reflection of his music. But that doesn't mean it's meaningless; there some serious layers to it. Super serious. Here's what XXL took from it:


Horses = majestic

It's always been an accepted belief that these four-legged creatures were some of the more magical animals on earth, but now that Kanye has released a video that involves them enchantingly running through water, it's become a fact.

Kim Kardashian = majestic

For anyone who believed that the couple's pregnancy would reduce Kim's exotic good looks...her silhouetted body against a purple sky kind of dispels that notion.

Kanye and Kim don't care about motorcycle safety

Hopefully at least one part of Kanye's body had a helmet on during their ride.

Kanye is a daredevil

Not only is Kanye having intimate relations with Kim on his motorcycle, but he also is not even looking where he's going. We haven't seen Kanye act this crazy since he jumped the Grand Canyon.

Kim likes riding naked on motorcycles

Uhh...yeah. She really does seem to enjoy it.

Ellen thought the video was...interesting

Perhaps the best part of this all was Ellen's semi-confused reaction as to what just happened. Hopefully all of Kanye's videos will not be debuted on her show.