As Eminem graced the social site unveiling his most deepest secrets, fans learned many unknown factors about the esteemed rapper. Learning everything from what he wears to bed to the rooms he cleans in his house, things got a little more personal than one would have expected.

Check out the things we learned from Eminem's Facebook Q & A.


Did you ever stroke Rick Rubin's beard in the studio to get ideas?

No, we only sampled 'the stroke'  (on "Berzerk")

Did  Eminem consider working with Dido on "Stan" sequel "Bad Guy"?

Yes, was considering her for bad guy but thought it might give it away

How do you keep a straight face when you incorporate so many awesome puns in your lyrics?

I laugh enough when I am recording them, thats why I never smile.

 Are you the first rapper to smack a bitch or say f-----?

Apparently yes

What do you think of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their style? What other artists do you like?

I think they made a great album.

Eminem's thoughts on J.cole

He is dope

Have you had a nose job?

If I did I should sue the doctor

What is your all time favorite video game?

Donkey kong bitch

Who's your favorite comic-book hero?


 What is your favorite TV series/show?

The Wire

Do you do cleaning at home?

I wipe my own ass

 What do you wear to bed?


What tips can you give to people who's just starting to write songs?

Keep writing

Now that your contract is up with Interscope Records, will you still bless us fans with more solo music through Shady Records? And would you ever give me a chance in the music industry if I could prove myself lyrically?

who said my contracts up with Interscope ?

What is one thing that you get annoyed at the most?

When people keep asking me if I am retiring