Kanye's rants have become a staple moment in shows as he performs to sold-out crowds on the Yeezus Tour. Last night, performing his second night at Madison Square Garden, Yeezy chose to rant about the mistreatment of Black musicians in the fashion world. Speaking on his belief of how brands simply use rappers to sell their product, but the companies internally hold no respect for the artists, the frustrated headliner began taking shots at several companies believed to be guilty of this including American Express, whose CEO happened to be in the crowd.

After bestowing Lenny Kravitiz and Drake as geniuses, Yeezy went on to comment oh the fashion world. He spoke of the odd situations he's endured while on his journey to the fashion throne, explaining that he believes his skin color is to blame for the obstacles he's faced.

Later bringing up his previous fashion deals that have gone wrong, Kanye said that he's over trying to fit in and will one day just build a fashion empire of his own. Ending the brief speech with "F*ck fashion," this rant was indeed one of Yeezy's more ironic spats being that the arena is located right on Fashion Avenue in NYC.