Hotstylz Releases Eminem Diss Track “Rap Fraud”

Hotstylz is pretty annoyed that Eminem didn’t give them any credit for “stealing” their flow in “Rap God.” Back in 2007, Raydio G, Krazee, and Meatball exploded on to the scene with a track called “Lookin Boy,” which turned out to be the one hit they’ve churned out. When “Rap God” came out and referenced lines from the song, XXL reached out to Hotstylz to gauge their reaction, and they wanted their credit, even pumping out a diss track called “Rap Fraud.” We asked why they were upset, and Hotstylz spoke about respect, proper due, and what exactly they were looking for from Em.

XXL: What were your thoughts on “Rap God”?
Raydio G: The first time we even got wind of “Rap God,” our Twitter started blowing up and people was telling us that Eminem referenced the song. At first we was like, “Aight, cool,” but at the same time, we was like, “Fuck Eminem,” because he didn’t reach out to us. He took so much of the record. That just don’t sit right with us. The thing is they used so much of the song, he could have reached out. He could have reached out to us directly, he could have found a way to reach out to us through some kind of channel. We just addressed that issue on a song called “Rap Fraud.” We addressed how we felt about it.

Krazee: So just to piggy back off what Raydio said, yeah, fuck him. Basically, he could have got in contact [with us] by multiple channels. I’m sure he has the resources to do so. If not, he could have had the label get in touch with us. It’s more of a respect thing, from artist to artist, to just give just due. If went from cool to bad meets evil, per say.

So the main issue is that Eminem didn’t reach out?
Meatball: Yeah, out of respect, just pay homage. People are going to say, “Oh, he shouting y’all out and y’all one hit wonders and y’all should be happy that he did something.” But at the end of the day, it’s all about respect. We one hit wonders, that’s the only song we had, well that’s our song. We love our song. For you to reference it, and you did so much of the record? They didn’t even reach out to us, shout us out on Twitter, say our name, do anything. Just to show respect.

Raydio: We’re not dead, man, we’re alive, we’re still kicking. We ain’t Marvin Gaye, man. So if you wanted to use the record, especially as rap community, like Krazee said, it’s a respect factor. You could have reached out. This is hip-hop, we ain’t dealing with no old soul song.

Have y’all contacted Eminem’s camp?
Krazee: We feel like, why should we?

Did you make “Rap Fraud” right away?
Meatball: Not really, at the time it was like Ray said, our Twitter was just blowing up and people was calling us.

Raydio: We gave him a chance. At first we talked about it amongst each other and was like, oh, that’s cool. But let’s see if the man is going to reach out though. Because at the end of the day, we know that it’s business but at the same time we was like damn man, he used so much of the record, maybe he reach out. Maybe he be like, “Yo man, maybe y’all can do something with the video, y’all come in,” anything, just to reach out. But he didn’t do it. So that’s when it turned to the record. So we just like, okay, let’s just let it all out on wax.

How long did y’all wait?
Krazee: I don’t know how many days, but we waited a while, at least a week. I got the album when it dropped and went through the credits just to verify again, and we were absent.

Raydio: Yup, we got it at midnight.

Krazee: As soon as it dropped. We was absent. It was primarily us that was absent. Other notations were made, other interpolations were stated. Us, as Hotstylz, was just absent. He used so much of what we created on his song. It’s just a slap in the face.

Raydio: Just to clarify, when we first got the news, it was at least a week before we even said we don’t even know if he’s going to hit us up or not. Then we had in our head we was going to do the record. Just to add the nail in the coffin, Krazee got the album first. I got it a little after him around midnight. And we looked inside the booklet. It didn’t even mention Hotstylz. That was basically shit on top of shit. That’s when we went in and finalized the track. So this was on the day the shit came out.

Meatball: I did the beat for “Lookin Boy.” We all did “Lookin Boy” back in the day in my basement. So for guys to create something and for somebody to take that and then not show a line of respect? That’s like a slap in the face. I did the beat, and I look around at the credits, and it say JJ Fad and you give these old women some fucking credits and you don’t give us no credit? And the part of the damn song that everybody talking about is the “Lookin Boy” part. That’s the part everybody is talking about.

If you listen to the beat, he breaks the beat down and goes right into the “Lookin Boy” beat and then his lyrics.

Raydio: On some real shit though, Eminem did not only use the beat to “Lookin Boy,” because the track had change into our beat. But he actually used our lyrics, the style of the “Lookin Boy” song. And the part that he used from JJ Fad is so minimal. For him to give them credit on the album and overlook us is a slap in the face. That was just shit on top of shit. At first you ain’t reach out through the phone. Then we look at the album. This some bullshit.

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  • blah

    Should have been ADMIRED and grateful. He didnt steal it, he used it because he obviously thought it was hot. Should have took the opportunity to hit Em up and get work done rather than burn a bridge.

    • Rick Almeida

      em fucked up by using their beat and rapping their flows and not takin 5 minutes to hit them up an say thank you..its not even like the niggas wanted em to publicize to the world, they said they wuda been happy wit a phone call or a small credit in the booklet..if you were an artist you wud understand…no way am i gonna make a beat an the rapper that sold the most records in the world uses it an doesnt even hit me up

      • Burt Kozwell

        You’re a moron. Em didn’t use their “beat” at all. Their paper-thin argument is that he stole lines, which I’m sure he has better things to do than that. Give me a break, guy.

        • Rick Almeida

          maybe you should read the article before you post some dumb shit like this tryna sound smart, you’re only lookin like a retard now

          ” I did the beat for “Lookin Boy.” We all did “Lookin Boy” back in the day in my basement. So for guys to create something and for somebody to take that and then not show a line of respect? That’s like a slap in the face. I did the beat, and I look around at the credits, and it say JJ Fad and you give these old women some fucking credits and you don’t give us no credit? And the part of the damn song that everybody talking about is the “Lookin Boy” part. That’s the part everybody is talking about.

          If you listen to the beat, he breaks the beat down and goes right into the “Lookin Boy” beat and then his lyrics.

          Raydio: On some real shit though, Eminem did not only use the beat to “Lookin Boy,” because the track had change into our beat. But he actually used our lyrics, the style of the “Lookin Boy” song. And the part that he used from JJ Fad is so minimal. For him to give them credit on the album and overlook us is a slap in the face.”

      • Patrick Bateman

        Did you just call Hot Stylz artists? Their music is so bad I could record myself taking a wet shit and it would still sound better. Generic hip-hop will never be considered legitimate art.

        • Rick Almeida

          if u make music from takin wet shits your considered an artist , hotstylez created the beat and rapped on it like the old school “lookin boy” game where rappers battle in that concept, eminem liked their song and dedicated atleast 20-30 seconds on his single to their song…say what u want theyre artists so your arguement is invalid.

  • dude

    why is this even relevant…

  • Mr.President

    lmfao they diss track weak as hell, get the fuck outta here

  • jimbo_slice1

    Dude that made the beat for rap god made it a couple of years a go. If anything they should be glad he made them relevant again. Niggas wasnt thinking about Hotstylz 2 months ago.

  • waddup doe

    8 mile aint even in detroit? lmao. these guys are clowns. be happy they got recognized by a platinum artist and quit drakin.

  • James Cali Greene

    they must not have heard eminem say…ill take your motherfucking style just to make it fresher

  • Hip Hop Fan

    They mentioned his daughter…IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWM!!!!

  • Jamalle

    they are WHACK…He took their style because he said “looking boy”? they aren’t even worth a response from him… lol what he even need to get permission for? Their shit sucked too hahaha

  • Stan

    ahahhaha this is the worst diss song ever… if he replies, which i think he should, these guys are gonna regret this diss song… #irrelevantFools

  • NW

    I hit a deer with my car and it sounded like a better diss track

    • Guest

      lol, and your comment is a better diss track too

    • Koba KarƎli

      lol, and your comment is a better diss too. laughed a lot

  • Dee Bow


  • Anna

    This is the worse “diss” song ever.


    Ohhhh shit..these dudes about to get it….

  • Wisdom

    OOhh that’s there name. Hotstylz

  • X

    this is wack lmao, but em should’ve given them credit for the song though. As an artist myself I understand where hotstylz are coming from

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      It’s tight. he’s doing ems flow better than em does

      • CG

        People, we got a newbie here! Let’s introduce Whatyofeetsmelllike to Hip-Hop/Rap. She/he has a lot to learn!

        • TheInfiniteToker

          Whatyofeetsmelllike is a troll and absolute Em hater who goes around dissing him on every single article about Eminem on Allhiphop, as well as other sites.

          Claims to be hip hop, and drops names of rappers ‘they’ like. However, it’s not hard to google and then name drop emcees.

          If you say Eminem sucks, you truthfully can’t know much about hip hop. He’s one of the best to ever do it and that’s how it’s always going to be.

          So, everyone here at XXL, lets welcome one of the largest Em haters/trolls in existence to XXL…or how about not.

          • A-W3$T

            he aint no troll! he keeping it real, eminem suck nowadays! his new album is so awful. i thought also that they were rapping eminems style way better. the last good verse i hard from eminem was last years b.e.t hip hop awards for the shady cypher.

          • Ads

            are you crazy? his new album is fire – the lyrics are seriously complex and one or two listens just aren’t enough to grasp it. shock value has gone for Em but the lyrics are much more techniqle than ever before. listen a few more times and i am sure you will like it

          • A-W3$T

            it doesnt matter how much more complex his lyrics have gotten, if his subject matter, flow & punchlines are wack. eminem got some of the most out dated references ever. why did he bring ray j vs fab in rap god, nobody cares bout that anymore lmao

  • Maxime Boche

    very bad diss ! hotstylz are idiot !!!

  • Rap

    lol like the Legend Em will respond to this fkn fools.
    seriously WORST diss track ever.and so lame dissing his daughter,seriously kill yourself please

  • YouPPLRStupid

    You people are ridiculous. This is a great diss song. They did everything Em does every time he ever makes a diss song. It was great. The problem with you people, is you don’t make music, or at least not good music. So you don’t know how diss songs are supposed to be made. Eminem is going to absolutely LOVE this song. This is the very reason he stole their lyrics in the first place. Morons.

    • Rick Almeida

      right? this track was maaad funny, eminem wud crack the fuck up

  • bread

    lol… eminem doesnt give 2 fucks about these fruit cakes.. he should be lucky they just got a huge boost in youtube views from Rap God

  • Mike Van Orden

    this is stupid, rappers reference and imitate sounds of other tracks all the time, it’s part of the appeal of rap culture. People know the history, rappers do callbacks to other stuff all the time. The whole song isn’t the ‘lookin boy’ bit, it’s a few lines. The point of these little nuggets in songs is for listeners to unpack what’s being referenced, It would defeat the purpose if every rapper did a bibliography for their songs. These dudes need to stop bitchin.

    • WAZEER

      They are just trying to be relevant lmao. I hope Em doesn’t diss back and everyone will forget about this lame shit in a couple days

    • A-W3$T

      no matter, he should of still gave them credit. them dissing him is kinda overboard. but if im a one hit wonder, i want all the credit i can get for my song, if u mention my song, you better say hi to me lol

      • Mike Van Orden

        what he supposed to say it in the song? Other rappers have dropped references or said lines from other songs before, Hotstylz already has their credit now, they have more traffic to their shit than they would have ever gotten now. They should be thanking Eminem.

        • A-W3$T

          eminem use they style & their beat lol name another song or artist who has done that on a official album single of theirs ? im just saying there could of been a lil special thanks to hotstylz in the album booklet, or eminem could’ve had his assistant send out tweet saying shout out @hotstylz #lookingboy Rap God in the building lmao. he also could said a line about stting on youtube watching hotstylz video because that obvisouly where he got i from ijs

          • Mike Van Orden

            it’s a brief portion of the song, the main Rap God beat is not their beat. I get what you are saying but regardless of whether Em shouted them out or not they will now get more attention, I’d simply be flattered that Em referenced the song, it means that one of the greats probably though it was cool.

          • A-W3$T

            i feel ya i would be flattered too but i would still like the recognition, if eminem can pay homage to all the greats before him, then he should be humble enough to shout out a comedy rap group from chicago lol these guys are fans of eminem, so it gotta hurt even a lil, like damn no love lol

  • J.c. Cooke

    These guys are laughing on the track right now like its a game. They’re about to be in for a surprise. Did they forget about the whole beef with Murder Inc?

    • bobbyNYC

      eminem didnt win no murda inc beef lol ja rule & his crew had bigger problems like the FEDS! 2 keep it real shady/aftermath loss the battle on some street shit, 50 cent got stabbed by murda inc, xzibit got cut in the face with a bottle at a nightclub, eminem got scared & paranoid. dr dre got punch in the face in front of his wife at the vibe awards.

  • NotAnIdiot4U

    lol these idiots are ganna get owned by Em

  • Whatyofeetsmelllike

    This is tight. F uck eminem

  • Scorpio

    lmao, funniest diss since Ether. the Stans are going to hate these guys hahaha

  • Chuck Norris

    not even worth a response…

  • DD

    If Eminem takes the Hailey comment as if they’re talking bad about her, they are done! They made the one mistake that made Eminem just destroy Benzino and Ja Rule!

    • CommonSense

      “As if they’re talking bad about her.”

      What? They just stated she’s on her knees, so. They clearly are.

  • Aaron Minicudi

    Ol’ I recorded this on my iphone voice memo’s lookin boy.

  • Jerome


  • LuiKang

    maybe im just an outta synch ass nigga… but LOOKIN BOY is the only song i heard from these niggas… sounds like they just want attention, especially with this bad audio, in the closet sounding ass track they made.

  • Clondyke Classic

    el garbage

  • Sean Thompson

    These guys are WOAT

  • Slim Joe

    what a bunch of fucking idiots

  • dcframe

    yall succkkkk big time!

  • BigDane187

    On one hand yes they should be thankful and not burn bridges. But then again, Eminem could have called them or something or atleast shout them out on the credits like he did others who he sampled less from.

  • John Messier Bogey

    These guys are clowns tryna get a little bit of fame from dissing eminem stfu you guys are trash tryna diss eminem on his beats.


    this wack ass diss


    they try to diss hailie so Eminem can respond


    wack ass bitches


    what kind of name is meatball lmfao


    they wack using his beats trying to diss him why couldn’t they use they use they on fucking beat wack ass niggas


    they call him a nigga


    eminem look better than all them niggas he 41 and look 20 stupid ass bitches


    he did not steal that from them em wouldn’t even listen to these faggots


    this niggas just want attention


    and they following him on twitter so they must love eminem


    em is the fucking rap god like he gives a fuck about these faggots




    it’s funny cause this faggots are following him on twitter

  • Mel

    STFU!!! Your lucky he’s even paying homage to yall no name ass tricks

  • ThisIsTerrible

    Shitty Song Lookin Boy
    Can’t Rap Lookin Boy
    Should Probably Just Lay Down The Mic Lookin Boys!

  • ThisIsTerrible

    Your joking right? You came out with a catchy, but still none the less shitty, I don’t even wanna call it “rap” song. And you call that your 1 hit…laughable. hahaha. And now your dissing Eminem for making more than 5 people realize you still exist. You should pay homage to him for making you somewhat relevant again.

  • Action Bronson

    Worst diss record ever. Fuck outta here.

  • it’s me

    Hahahaha, these guys are junk! This isn’t about paying homage, it’s about getting paid…just admit it and stop frontin. Em won’t respond to these nobody’s, if he does it’s because he’s bored or using

  • Spirit Equality

    This is business. If he took your copyrighted material, sue him.

  • Dennis da’ Menace

    If I’m not mistaken…
    It seems to be grossly overlooked that the whole “lookin’ boy” style is NOT from Hot Stylez. “Lookin boy” originated from old school rap battles as a form of Yo Moma jokes per se. Throughout Rap God em goes thru the history of rap paying homage to old school, so it makes sense he gives a nod to the old school style of battling.

    Shouts for Hot Stylez tho for taking all the credit and acting like it was their thing…

  • will

    hes probably dissing the way they rap because thats all they rhyme wit

  • Koba KarƎli

    “Cry babies, maybe my way that I use words is loose
    But you turds better be careful how you choose yours”

    they kinda already have the answer from Em, lol

  • 0.0

    did they just diss eminem? good luck with that…

  • Rick Almeida

    lol everybody in the comment section is a Stan…theyre right for gettin mad, eminem even used their beat lol an this diss > any ja rule diss..i laughed so hard, they actually did eminems flows pretty good an had funny punchlines

    • Mike Van Orden

      these dudes are going to get way more attention to their song than they would have gotten otherwise, I’m not a Stan, but if I were them I’d be flattered. I’d let people know that it’s a reference to us, I wouldn’t get my panties in a wad and make a diss track though.

  • junj03

    I am sure Interscope contacted Jive Records, The actual owners of the song to get any clearance of any little “sample”.
    Now this stunt can cost them money, You dont want to get blackballed from preforming and getting any radio play (even tho i doubt anyone wants to hear them) cause of this. Look a Ja. They made it impossible for him to get $

  • Rick Almeida

    eminem fucked up by using their beat and rapping their flows and not takin 5 minutes to hit them up an say thank you..its not even like the niggas wanted em to publicize to the world, they said they wuda been happy wit a phone call or a small credit in the booklet..if you were an artist you wud understand…no way am i gonna make a beat an the rapper that sold the most records in the world uses it an doesnt even hit me up

  • ddashmurray

    I’m not a stan at all. But dude….these guys can’t be fucking serious. Why the fuck should he give you a call just because he borrowed your flow for like 10 seconds of a 6 minute song. They acted like he took their whole song and he couldn’t have made it without them. These dudes clearly just want some attention and want to be relevant. Even admitted they were 1 hit wonders HAHa. It seemed like they were border-line in tears when doing this interview. Why the fuck would any rapper call another rapper EVERY time they make a reference to another rapper, say a rappers name, borrow their flow, etc. Eminem would have had to make like 75 calls to all the people he referenced and borrowed little flows from just for this album alone. Dudes are fucking idiots. Like em fucking dissed you or some shit. Be honored. Faggots.

  • SupaDupa

    hope they get some money out of this. Still don’t know why the fuck eminem was even referencing that song 5 years later though

  • Eastlakerob206

    You can’t get mad at somebody for stealing some shit that YOU stole your damn self!

  • Eastlakerob206

    There were 3 songs called “Looking Ass Nigga pt.1-3″ waaaayyy before they came out with their song with Yung Joc, and on the beginning of their song, Joc said “Were gonna do something that has never been done before” when it had been done 3 times already!

    • Loco Dorner

      they actually was the first ones to do it waaay before they did the song with young joc… it was a Chicago one, Memphis one and an Atlanta one I think

  • Leroy Love

    Could you imagine Tupac or Biggie reaching out to Paper Boy or Young MC to get their blessing to use two words from one of their songs. I can’t see it. I been down with Hip Hop for a long time, and I can’t every remember hearing a diss song this weak. Now they got me trying to figure out who had the worst diss song before this one.

  • mr.honest

    They better hope Eminem ignores them like he did to rick ross. cause neither of them have the chops to take on one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  • Boston Reppin

    These guys are fuckin wack ass losers…they really should feel lucky ANYONE remembers that song. Esp Em. Never heard of these guys or if I did they obviously didn’t do much for me to even recall their name. Their song is trash anyway. Rap God kills it and the beat is the worst part of the whole song. I’m surprised they had A hit, the song proves none of them can actually, you know, rap. Oh and btw stay off the bath salts…Em does not need to pay homage to your wack ass.

  • Okachobi

    Why pay homage or give credit to someone you wanna diss

  • D

    The most important point to realize here is that this song was made to show how versatile Em is – he referenced a ton of different flows in this track :P THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! RAP GOD CAN DO EVERYTHING, PROVING ONCE AGAIN THAT HE IS THEEEE RAP GOD :O~~

  • Jake

    Does anyone here think Em will diss them back? If so how soon can we expect the diss track?

  • Ahaa-flawless

    feel like i’m listening to the wiggles

  • Timpeluringen

    Doesn’t matter what it is you take, be it beat or line, as said, you call em up to give them credit or whatever. Not doing it is disrespectful. But honestly dissing someone with this fucking dumbass track, is even more disrespectul. What the fuck is this?!

  • NoQuestion

    This is the wackest diss track I ever heard. should just take the fame that is coming off og the Em track and run with it… but a diss track? ya’ll garbage.

  • Shuhdang

    Who’s Hotstylz?

  • LeBongFlames

    TF, we not marvin gaye? these sorry niggas mad disrespectful, and for a parody type track like “lookin boy” BITCH AINT NO ONE HEARD ANY OTHER TRACKS, HOTSTYLZ = NEW BOYZ

  • LeBongFlames


  • Jay

    I shake my head to this.. really. If I were a member of Hotstylz and this went down, I would yeah say in an interview fuck eminem for not shouting us at least, i would voice my disappointment at least, but to go as far as to do a diss track is going over the top. it should have just ended with this interview, but they went as far as to do a pointless diss track. the question is what have they gained out of doing this diss track? loool

  • Dave

    They don’t appear too serious about it.

  • Skragg

    A God need not seek the permission of mere mortal rappers to use their beats!!! Be thankful you still bring air into your puny lungs and that the Rap God hath not smitten you where you stand for your blasphemous condemnation of the one true Rap God!!!

  • Panfila

    I agree with Blah, they should have not taken it the as a “dis” but as a proper that Eminem like thier work and incorperated less than 26 seconds of it into his album.
    But who are we to say what they feel…. Im just glad im not the idiot that burned a potential bridge with EMINEM and start a much antisipated lyrical war :) suckers

  • onjuan

    trying to stretch 15 minutes of lame into 15 minutes of fame

  • FrostyC

    Em stole that shit. And he dissed your asses on it while simultaneously dissing Waka & Mac Miller.

    -”You FAGS think it’s all a game ’til I walk a FLOCK OF FLAMES [Flocka Flame] OFF A PLANK” (i.e. nigga fell off, and his name was gay as shit).

    -”And TELL ME ‘What in the fuck are you thankin’?'” [probably asking what is he thinking saying he doesn't understand lyrical artists, when lyrics are the main point of rap music in general. Rap literally means to talk.]

    -”You witnessin’ a massacre [mass occur] like you’re watchin’ a church gatherin’ take place, lookin’ boy”

    -”Oy Vey (<-Mac Miller song) that boy's gay, that's all they say…"

    -"Basically you're never gonna be capable of keepin' up with the same pace"

    Honestly I applaud Hotstylz for not being bitches like Waka. Now even if Waka understands he was dissed, he looks like a retard for not seeing it. Or maybe he's just to bitch to take Rap 101 from Shady.

  • Ragu

    Lol Hotstylz……Good luck dissin Em!

  • Dustin Gilligan

    “I’ll bite your motherf**king style, just to make it fresher.”

  • Rosa

    I just think its funny how they think eminem took their lyrics to make the song better, when really it just sounds like em is dissing them.

  • Metfan9876

    Not sure why they think Eminem stole their lyrics just to make the song better. I’m sorry but it sounds like a pretty clear subliminal diss to me.

  • Hi

    It was the worst part of em’s song. He was dissin that stupid ass song. “50 tyson” is a better rapper than them.