Hopsin Calls Trinidad Jame$ A Garbage Rapper


Hopsin is well known in hip-hop for his exceptional lyricism. The Funk Volume general behind “Ill Mind Of Hopsin” has showcased his venomous rhymes on a number of guest verses and his own albums. Although Hop resides over on the West Coast in L.A., he wasn’t out of the loop when Trinidad Jame$ ranted about Atlanta running the birthplace of hip-hop. XXL asked Hopsin his thoughts on James’s controversial comments, and he didn’t hold anything back.

On why Jame$’s comments shouldn’t be taken seriously:

Trinidad Jame$ is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. His opinion is like a newborn baby saying it’s the king of the world as far as fighting and it would whoop Bruce Lee’s ass. Like, c’mon now. What do you know about anything? Period.

Atlanta might be making moves and all that. There may be rappers who come out of there, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that they are dope. If you break down the real formula, a lot of the dudes coming out there ain’t even really dope. They just got beats that bang. It’s the same shit that’s repetitive. That’s what the industry likes and that’s what being signed. It doesn’t mean its fucking dope. Go bar and bar. Put somebody a capella. Play one of their a capellas. Look at their lyrics. It ain’t changing nobody’s life. They ain’t doing nothing. They are not impressing anybody. It’s just the beats.

I heard people say that he even knows he’s wack. If he knows he’s wack, why would you take his opinion seriously? It’s a joke if he knows he’s that wack and he’s not trying to get better and just runs with [it]. If he’s satisfied with being wack, [then] his opinion isn’t that valid. He ain’t ripping shit and saying that. If he was killing the game, and if he was dope all around, I’d be like, “OK, maybe he’s right.” He has not one bar that is even impressive at all. Catchiness and dope are two different things. I could say, “Pooping in the studio! Pooping in the studio!” That could be catchy and somewhat dope, but that doesn’t mean it’s dope. That’s why I hate wack rappers so much.

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  • Smokesworth

    I’m a massive Hopsin fan, but seriously.


    Tell us something we DON’T know.

  • truth

    lol. No duh Hopsin will say “all the south has is banging beats” seeing as his production is some of the worst in the game currently…lol “look at lyrics” “they ain’t changing lives”

    lol. Nigga acts like EVERY rapper needs to drop a Good Kid Maad City or Acid Rap. No duh Trinidad ain’t anywhere near the best “lyricist” currently. But damn Hopsin, nigga has much better overall MUSIC than you, get over yourself.

    • Tommy Wheelclocker

      no he dont shut the fuck up nigga

    • ^Get a Job

      You are so fucken delusional, Trinidad James is one of the worst rappers to ever come out. Hopsins gonna be killing shit in this game for the long term.


        Hasnt yet, guess you gotta get on the map any way you can. But of course none of this is hating.

        • dufuss

          well considering Hopsin’s new album is second only to Eminem on Itunes id say hes doing a pretty good job of killing it.

  • Limitsbreak

    Hopsin ft Tech N9ne – Rip your heart out

  • tommy

    hopsin is sooooo salty that the south gets more love then he every will… he is so butthurt and stuck in the 90s… i really used to like him but he is just a hater and mad that people who make fun music get radio play… of course James isnt lyrical but he has a point.. lyrical NY rappers will never get as music radio play as a southern party jam… use common sense and stop coming at someone just because u like or make lyrical music..

    • Detail$

      Fuck, i bet you have an iq of 10 or something, if you like party jams go listen to pop but this is hip hop where lyrics exists and mean something, Ny will rise again east side all day fuck the south put down your southside

    • dufuss

      lyrical music is what hip hop is all about you uneducated swine.

  • Wolff

    @tommy You’re just as salty coming at him for appreciating music with lyrical content over the same bullshit you hear a lot. When judging music everyones perception is quite different as people enjoy, been, experienced different things. So for you to say Hopsins salty cause he prefers more lyrics then catchiness is taking what he said completely out of perspective. Hop was just showin how Trinidad James is way out of line. For you to say your respective city is coming out with the hardest shit out of everyone else that better include lyrics as well. So for hop, someone who is known for his lyrics he definitely has ground to stand on when calling him out and tbh he is right.

  • HipHopHead999

    Hopsin’s right. Trinidad James is the worst. Him, Future, Chief Keef and French Montana all have a combined IQ of 12.

    • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

      also iggy azela

    • DizzyK08

      You forgot Lil B. And with him, their combined IQ would be 11.

      • Tyler Collier

        lil b makes shitty music on purpose though, he doesnt even take it seriously, he creates an image to where people will think of him that way, like Riff Raff

      • BANGBANG

        Lil B went to Cal which is a top 10 university

    • TheE

      Funny cause all those guys still get more radio play, BET & MTV play then Hospsin

      • lovehiphophaterap

        Yea, and airplay is synonymous with good music. #sarcasm

      • HipHopHead999

        Hahaha and you really think that more radio play means more skilled at their craft? Naw fool. You’re either mad trolling or mad stupid.

      • dufuss

        no, you’ll never hear any of it on the radio. let me ask you something
        do you think Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and shit music like that is good? no? why not it gets a lot
        of plays on the radio? so by that logic it means they’re awesome.
        everyone who actually appreciates real hip hop knows the underground is where
        real artists work. do yourself a favor and go youtube a couple real artists like R.A. the rugged man. Celph Titled, Tech N9ne, AoTP, and open your mind to some real hip hop you dumbass.

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    i love how hopsin speaks the truth

  • xavierlee

    trinidad isnt the best but hes fun….but hopsin is so corny hes stuck in 2003 still. hopsin can rap his ass off but its just so suburban and corny

  • jaz-y

    Hopsin finna get his ass beat

  • south is runnin game

    look like xxl get his butthurt…..

  • xistence

    Even if Trinidad James doesn’t make ‘lyrical’ rap songs, he usually knows what’s up in reality. Hopsin needs to quit being a little bitch and try to make a song that isn’t a diss track. I used to be a fan, until I realized almost all his songs are just diss tracks. Trinidad is right. NY Radios need to pay respect to the up and coming NY Rappers. Many are killing it right now, but don’t get radio play over people like Future, and so on. It’s sad to say, but the South DOES run NY.


      “quit being a little bitch and make a song that isnt a diss track” ….so calling someone out is being a bitch now? lol gtfo

  • Malik

    Yall act like Southern rap has ever been the most “lyrical”.. doesnt make their music any worse, its their style, its what most southern rap is all about, vibe music, mostly always has been

    • HipHopHead999

      They do have dudes like K-Rino though. And Scarface raps about deeper and more though provoking concepts than most southern rappers. Even Chamillionaire is a pretty lyrical southern rapper, especially after he went indie and didnt have pressure from Universal to make radio songs.

  • ah

    hopsin you suck too, and after all the tapes you made you aint never made a platinum single, and i hate Trinidad as much as this homo cause hopsin is just a black version of a white rocker/Gothic kid, trying to intimidate the hip hop and rap culture

  • lovehiphophaterap

    We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if the high school dropout rate wasn’t so high. If we don’t honor lyrics and only like ‘fun’ hip hop music, then hip hop becomes the new disco.

  • Guest

    hopsin a weirdo ass nigga…Atlanta rappers > LA rappers…Kendrick nice tho

  • Tay

    I feel him but niggaz need to stop complaining and take the formula and add to it. No matter where you from east west or mid if the whats winning is banging ass beats, and a simple repetitie catchy hook, then go grab sum of those beats wit all that independent and/or dope money niggaz be screaming about, diversify your features, business is business, and add your brand of lyricism to the product. Make the radio play your shit, why you think tech fuccin wit mainstream niggaz, thats the only way to get on the radio in rotation ANYWHERE right now. You better add sum of those weak ass niggaz thats gettin airtime to sum songs and make sure you stand out. And not on sum “I did a song with ross on this album but my album aint sell so i aint gonna try that again”, but you got to flood the market wit features and roast them, cuz thats all the most played are doing now, but with each other.


    Hopsin’s fans are the worst