Endorsement deals seem to be a winning situation for all involved. Brands get to advertise on a larger scale, fans feel like they are getting a piece of their idol by buying the product, and artist get multiple figure pay checks. However, sometimes the relationship between the artist and the brand can go sour. The values of the brand and the artists are now seen as mutual, as if one party stirs controversy, the partnership soon ends.

Recently, Jay Z has been called to end his partnership with Barneys New York due to the multiple racial profiling incidents customers have had with the store. After issuing a statement saying that he wasn’t going to make a premature decision, Jay Z has yet to end the relationship. Barneys issued an apology for the racial profiling incidents. Since this partnership hasn’t ended it has left a bad taste in many people’s mouth.

While Jay Z and Barneys endorsement deal hasn’t ended, companies have dropped many members of the hip-hop community due to controversial lyrics, images, and arrests. Here are some of the most infamous endorsement deals that have abruptly ended. -Ariana LaBarrie