All I Need
Check out what Harve Pierre, president of Bad Boy Records, carries inside his Gucci Duffel Bag.
Images Thomas Liggett

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the October/November 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.

1. Gucci Duffel Bag: Just a Gucci carry over the shoulder, nice size bag holds everything that I need. I carry this everywhere.
2. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch: [This was a] gift from my boss Sean Combs. I try to wear it as much as possible for good luck and am grateful to get it.
3. The New York Times: I always keep a copy of this to know what’s going on in New York and current events.
4. Ice Breakers Sour: Sours keeps your breath smelling fresh.

5. Blackberry Bold 9790: For my day-to-day, the Blackberry works best. iPhone is personal and the Blackberry business.
6. Apple MacBook Pro (13 inch): This is like the best laptop. I got a couple different laptops, but this is my music laptop.
7. Bentley Flash Drive: When I got my fi rst Bentley they gave me that with the car. This is a great fl ash drive. And it has the symbol on there so it’s like a special flash drive.
8. iPhone 5: This is probably the best phone out. I don’t use it too much; it’s really like a back-up personal phone.
9. Blue Dot Ciroc, Ciroc Amaretto: Everybody always wants to drink the original, but they always ask, “What’s that other flavor that just came out?” I switch up as fl avors come out, but I usually have it when we in the studio. People ask, “You have any Ciroc or whatever?” I just pull it out of the bag.
10. French Montana’s Excuse My French album: It’s an artist that I’m very proud of. People are always asking for it, so I always keep a copy on me if I have to give it to somebody.
11. Beats By Dre Headphones: I use this a lot with my laptop. I love the sound of it, I love red.
12. My Life by Bill Clinton: I really like this book. It’s a big book, but I read it, page by page, whenever I get some down time. I can relate to this book a lot.
13. Business: The Ultimate Resource (2nd edition): Even though I’ve been in the business for 25 years, there’s so many things that I’m still learning.
14. BMW Cardholder: I got this with my first 750 BMW.
15. Ralph Lauren Polo Black Cologne: This is one of my favorite colognes. I always get compliments.
16. AQUAhydrate: The new water that Puff got, people always want to see what it’s like or whatever it is.
17. Gucci Wallet: I keep important papers, credit cards and different things in my exclusive Gucci wallet.
18. “Promote Myself Today” T-shirt: This is a shirt for my new company, which is called Promote Myself Today. It allows people to advertise themselves and for me to advertise them. I always keep one [in case] I see someone I want to give it to.
19. Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ: I love this movie, the way it was put together, the way it looks and the way it feels. It just keeps me grounded in my religious foundation. I don’t know if it’s 100 percent accurate, but there are bits and pieces, which I believe in, that always keep me focused.
20. Michael Mann’s Heat: This has two of my favorite actors: Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. I love the way it was shot and the coloring and the set-up in the video.
21. Black iPod Classic (5th Generation): I always just keep vintage music on there whenever I want to refer back to different songs, just classics and stuff I might not have on my laptop, I usually have it on here. I also have like old videos and different things like that I keep programed in there.
22. Sean John Sunglasses: These are my favorite glasses. When I spend long nights in the studio and come out into daytime, these work well keeping my eyes focused.