Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′ By The Numbers

Number Of Days The Album Leaked Before November 5: 5

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  • James Cali Greene

    you guys are idiots “stronger than I was ” is about kim

  • Zenithracked

    Interesting review guys, but I feel as though a lot of the major steps that Eminem took against the grain were not appreciated at all by you all.

  • Clarence Clementine

    Why in the fuck is BAD GUY quoted 3 times under Number of People he kills– HE is the one being killed in the song you dumbfuckos. “I hope you get a cardiac arrest” how is that killing someone?? Eric Diep you’re a dipshit for writing this uninformed abomination.

  • koko

    Correct this : “Eminem killed by M & M / Matthew Mitchell,..”

  • mistah dubs

    left out a major one
    Number of Songs Produced by Dr. Dre = 0

  • Rick Medeiros

    You guys didn’t mention the Berzerk line “just like I did with addiction I’m bout to kick it!”