Did Eminem Diss Asher Roth?

Many are wondering if the rap God himself, Eminem is throwing shots at Asher Roth on his new album. Leaking a few days prior to it’s release tomorrow, people are buzzing about a track called “Asshole” featuring Skylar Grey in which listeners believe that the Detroit spitter is throwing shade.

Speaking about the spectacle on Hot 97′s Morning Show, Rosenberg talked about the supposed shot saying that he indeed was Dissing Roth. Also bringing up the fact that the two were once in admiration of each other, Rosenberg wonders where the “beef” even began.


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  • Duh

    Why is it a question, it was an obvious diss because Em felt that Asher gave him a back handed compliment in an interview.

  • Leto El

    Why would Em even spend the time to diss Ash? Asher has, sadly, all but disappeared from the landscape!

    • Mike Berg

      Disappeared from the landscape? You’re clearly not listening.

  • charlie c

    hoooooow funnyyy!!!!!! asher cant stand against Em ever

  • The Man

    You realize that Em is sayin’ that Asher dissed HIM right?

    “When he round-a-bout dissed ME to shout me out. Thought I was history/But goddamn, honkey, that compliment’s like backhanding a donkey”

    He’s basically sayin’, “Hey, Asher, when you said that thing you said, you didn’t compliment me, you backhanded me.”

    The only way he could have dissed him is by calling him a honkey. And what is Em a black dude? Come on.

    It sounds like Asher could have said something along the lines of “Yeah Eminem was sick but he’s not around anymore, that dude is history and done for.”

  • Cam Multow

    its all because of asher’s line “And that Eminem comparison is barely accurate / My rapping is as passionate but lacks the psychopath of it”

  • April Thomas

    As much as I LOVE Eminem (Friggin Love this guy), however, I have to concur. Asher Roth is the rapper’s rapper. If anyone is listening ( and I assume many are) Asher Roth is no longer consuming insane amounts of carbs in the bread aisle. Asher Roth may not have top ten hits every year but he does have something that is quite valuable. That something is nothing to loose with a crap load of bars. If Asher Roth disses Eminem, what does he have to lose? His legion of fans? We’re not leaving at all. Asher is capable of pulling this off. His record deal? I, personally, hated that he was on Def Jam. I was excited about the concept of him potentially becoming mainstream but anyone listening to Asher right now knows this was not amazing news. It was “alright” news. Will Asher lose is credibility in Hip-Hop? No. He. Will. Not. Period.
    I do see the potential of this being one of the HOTTEST BEEFS in a LOOOOONNNG TIIIIIMMME! Really? Then you know Yelawolf is going to offer his two cents and it will be very welcoming. Action Bronson on a diss record? This has the potential to be just as good as free internet porn without the viruses, spyware, and malware.
    It will be almost just as good as sex while high on chronic. Almost.

  • Russell Reinhart

    Asher did diss Em. Listen to Silly Boy, the whole song is a diss to Em. Seemed like Asher got upset he didn’t make Shady Records and made this song, I’m sure theres more to it though and honestly from what Em said in Asshole it seems like this was all set up. Though I’d love for Asher to get some attention from this. I love both those rappers, they’re my top two favorites and at one time they both had high respect for each other, can’t imagine what happened unless it was set up or Asher said something outside of what we know to piss Em off. Still got respect for both.

    • yolo

      Yea….that song is about copywrite or whatever his name is. Another white rapper that made like 3 songs dissing Asher when he first came out. He had a hard on to diss Asher. Nothing to do with Em….listen Asher still makes great music but as far as mainstream he is gone. If Asher responds Em might have just put Asher in the spotlight, he has to build on it if it does. Asher first mixtape greenhouse is my favorite tape of all time. Spoke to me ha.