Earl Sweatshirt along with Vince Staples visited NPR and sat down with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley for Microphone Check. There they talk about Earl meeting Paul McCartney, his production and his latest album, Doris. He tells Microphone Check that when he was making the beat for "Sunday" the first part of the beat sounds like he was making it making it for Lil B. "Cause that first part of the beat, it actually sounds like I was making it for Lil B," says Earl Sweatshirt. "Yeah, if you listen to the first part of the beat it makes so much sense for a Lil B beat."

Earl also gives an amazing story about having a "RZA Day" when he was in the studio with RZA. He explains "We just went to the studio because it was RZA day at the studio." He continues "I don't know what his name was but he had the blunt and then after RZA smoked it, he spoke for four hours. Yes, and he also dropped the based freestyle. Twelve-minute based freestyle. The hook for that song, we lifted it from — he was just saying random s—- over that beat and we just lifted that from it — we lifted the hook from there. That man said some wild s—-."

Listen to the interview below

[via NPR]