Drake Was Reluctant To Return To Memphis For “Worst Behavior” Video


Drake may be Canadian, but he still has ties to the south. That much is clear from his recently released video for “Worst Behavior,” which was shot in Memphis, the hometown of Drake’s father, Dennis Graham. But even though Drizzy has many family members in the River City, he was hesitant to return to there for the shoot, he recently told Vibe. “if anybody knows anything about the South and how it is, it’s tough to go around people who could use your help and you can’t help everybody. It’s like a guilt or a burden that comes over me, so I hadn’t gone to Memphis in a long time,” he said in the interview. Drizzy goes on to say that while in the city shooting the video he embraced his family and helped them out in anyway he could. Now, he “can’t wait to go back,” he said. The video, which dropped earlier this week, features appearances from Drake’s dad, well as Memphis rappers Juicy J and Project Pat. [Via Vibe] Previously: Drake’s “Worst Behavior” Video

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  • BostonReppin

    Horrible song…first listen. Last listen. Does anyone take Drake remotely serious as a tough guy?

    • latrece84

      He not trying to be a Tough guy the visuals go with song and that his Family From Memphis thats in the video and yall niggas kill me always trying to come at Drake but the so called rap dudes yall thinks so hard and so street be the main ones that’s softer than cotton and be the biggest punks and aint really about nothing they rap about

      • Peso

        preach, CHURCH…damn near favorite song on album. Love the “I don’t give a fuck” approach to the song and he may not be a tough guy but dude got bars when he actually raps and that’s ALL it’s about at the end of the day…do you have talent, Drizzy…check

  • fuckxxl

    dude a faggot

    • shortytai

      Shut up he is not a Fagott and of course you would say that hiding behind your computer screen

  • swagzilla

    I actually like this Jam and I don’t like drake at all.

    • Infinite8

      Why? Cuz Mufucka never loved us, rememba?

  • Iz

    This is why i will do more for my city than any other celebrity.

  • getyourshitright

    meaning he was scared he might get robbed or shot or extorted what a pussy scared to go to his pops home because its too rough his cousin probably used to beat his ass and take his shit

  • Leslie N.

    I will admit, the song is a bit repetitive, but I think I get it…also, dang my city looks run down ! But I wouldn’t call anywhere else home but Memphis.

  • Tharealtruth

    So drake thinks he is 2pac with the snap back and holding a real ghetto kid. I think he watched 2pacs keep ya head up video one to many times. This dude is SO fake