It's no secret that DMX leads a quite entertaining life, some may even call it an unstable one. Time and time again the rapper has been caught up in headlines for unpredictable antics and one time, it almost cost the rapper his life. The roller coaster of a life led by the rapper is a scary one, and sadly in the news just about every other week.

Back in February, hip-hop almost lost the rap veteran when he stopped breathing outside of a hotel in Yonkers N.Y. after allegedly ingesting a white powder. The rapper has also been battling over child support for the majority of the last year. He was sentenced to six months in jail back in July for child support but freed after only two months on the condition that he didn't know he owed the money. X was arrested again two months later for missing payments owed to Tashera Simmons, the rapper's ex-wife. It's a depressingly sad cycle as the rapper once even owed over $1 million in back child support.

Although he's a father to over 10 kids, the rapper just can't seem to turn down. Once on top of the world, the dog can't seem to shake his destructive habits. From impersonations to arrests, the rapper's rap sheet is literally filled beyond belief. Looking back over those moments, XXL presents "DMX's Craziest Moments."