In an interview with Splash!- Mag Action Bronson addresses or should we say knowingly dodges a question about his relations with TDE. When asked if he ever considered signing to the label, the rapper gives a nonchalant answer leaving many to believe that their may be more to the story.

"Those the homies right there," said Bronson when looking at the visual provided by the host. After Bronson further divulged on his friendship with Ab-Soul, the host explained that the method behind the video was to address rumors that Bronson was at one point signed to TDE. "I don't care to comment on that actually," responded Bronson to the question. "As far as I know. Maybe, it's a possibility of things," he continued, never fully answering.

Aside from leaving that topic up in the air, the Queens spitter also spoke about his family roots, his early days rapping, and his childhood love for wrestling.

Take a look!