When it comes to music, Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, takes himself very seriously. The animated artwork to his new album, which depicts a frown-faced Glover combusting into blackness, exemplifies this. But Glover has decided to bring back some of his humor by releasing two alternative covers to the album, which is titled Because The Internet. The first depicts Glover showing off his fun and goofy side, while the second is an homage to Don Johnson, who, besides sharing the same first name as Glover, undoubtedly influenced the Miami Vice color scheme used on the original. Check them out below.

Alternative cover 1:

Alternative cover 2:

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Editor's Note:
What we thought was an obvious parody has been accepted as fact. Childish Gambino did not reveal this artwork as alternatives to his upcoming record 'Because the Internet' hence the addition of "... Not" to the headline for clarity.