Chicago rapper Chief Keef has taken to Instagram to drop some hints on what fans could potentially expect from him next.

First, Sosa has posted a number of potential album covers to the next installment of his Bang mixtape series. One cover involves Keef riding a chromed-out bike, while another shows the young MC standing on a pile of money in front of a boarded-up house. The post that has generated the most feedback has been a cover of a hand-drawn Keef against a red backdrop, which is seemingly an homage to Lil'Wayne's Dedication 3 mixtape. No word yet on when Bang Pt. 3 will be released.

Keef has also posted a screenshot of a text message, which states that he needs "a mixtape cover" for "Gloyalty." It is uncertain whether Gloyalty is the title to Keef's sophomore project or a new mixtape, but the young MC refers to it has an "album" on the post.

Finally Rich, Keef's debut, was released last year.