Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj

ellen degeneres nicki minaj

Mark Henry As Rick Ross


Drake as Kanye West


As anybody that exists in America's grand pop cultural whirlwind, rappers have become popular choices for fans to dress up as for Halloween. There is no shortage of celebrities who are fans of hip-hop so it makes sense that many celebrities would choose to dress up as their favorite rapper, too. 

Last night, a few prominent celebrities from all spectrums of entertainment chose to dress up as their favorite rapper for Halloween night. XXL wants to know who dressed up as the best. Vote for your favorite celebrity rap costume in the poll below.

The Nominees

Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim

Why It's The Best: Miley's Lil Kim costume continues the pop singer's May-December romance with hip-hop culture. Miley's costume captures Kim's famous 1999 VMA Award dress down to the tiniest sequin in the pasty. Even Lil' Kim offered her approval of Miley's costume.

Ellen DeGeneres as Nicki Minaj

Why It's The Best: Ellen DeGeneres' Nicki Minaj costume might be the most unexpected costume of the bunch but that only enhances it's greatness. Although the 55-year old comedian/talk show host/dance enthusiast has expressed admiration for hip-hop in the past, Ellen's costume was daring in her decision to go all-out with a carbon-copy of one of Nicki's more revealing outfits. Go for yours, Ellen!

Mark Henry as Rick Ross

Why It's The Best: After showing off his freshly-shaved dome in photos last week, many noticed that the ex-WWE World Heavyweight champ Mark Henry bared a striking resemblance to MMG don Rick Ross. Henry acknowledged the similarity by choosing to dress up like Rozay for Halloween this year. The World's Strongest Boss we've seen thus far?

Drake As Kanye West

Why It's The Best: While Kanye West's Yeezus Tour is currently on-hiatus due to damaged video equipment that did not stop Drake from dressing up as Kanye in one of his off-the-wall get-ups that he has been wearing during the tour. Drake claimed on Instagram that he won the annual backstage Halloween costume while on tour but is it the best rapper costume of the evening?

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