Although rumors have surfaced about Bun B possibly becoming the mayor of Houston, the rapper never actually confirmed the speculation to be true. Now, the Texas native comes forth speaking about the topic, saying he wouldn't actually rule it out.

"I mean I'd take it into consideration but I don't know if that's something I'm looking to get into anytime soon," Bun B said on Power 105's Breakfast club. "I mean what it would represent would be incredible but first off I'm gonna get compared to Kwame Kilpatrick all day because he was always considered the hip-hop mayor. So those kind of comparisons gonna be the first thing to jump out. And I've led somewhat of an interesting life in my earlier years so of course there's a couple of different cases that may pop up," he added.

However, as Bun also mention in the interview, the mayor of Toronto has had a bit of a roller coaster year involving similar situations to the rapper's past, which together could encourage the birth of a new political era.

Could you see Bun B as Mayor?