Yesterday, the ten-year anniversary of The Black Album was celebrated. Looking back at Jay’s “last album” and its cultural impact, there’s a lot to say about how Jay transitioned from his hustling days to the hip-hop mogul of today. What’s even more telling is how much Jay’s album sent waves in other genres, where artists and enthusiasts wanted to remix it through mash-ups or another means in their own way. Danger Mouse, for example, helped keep the art of mash-ups alive with The Grey Album that paired Hov and The Beatles.

In 2003, Hov made his mark in history. Ten years later, the album has birthed a number of unofficial mash-ups that held up in quality. If you liked the original album, these mash-ups are worth revisiting. Here are the best ones that collide Hov with Weezer, Linkin Park, Metallica and more. Justify his thug. —Complied By Eric Diep And Dan Jackson

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