Best Eminem Diss Tracks


Eminem is still running his mouth and taking names in the process.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 hit stores this Tuesday. Fans and music critics have had a while to digest and soak in the album. The general consensus from Em’s sequel is that it embodies the nostalgia feel of his 2000 predecessor, while revisiting familiar topics—heartbreak, childhood trauma, revenge—with much more passion. Plus, it wouldn’t be an Em album if he weren’t directing rhymes at a few people. Take it from Hotstylz, who seemed pretty upset at Em’s shout-out, his disses still sting.

In concluding our extensive Eminem Week, we’ve decided to compile a playlist of his best diss tracks. Over the course of his music career, the Detroit rhymeslinger has gotten into plenty of public feuds, from former The Source editor-in-chief Benzino and Ja Rule to Canibus and Mariah Carey. Since those early days, he hasn’t shown much of a fight lately, but that doesn’t mean new targets in popular culture aren’t in his line of sight. We’re probably never going to hear another epic response like his “Hail Mary” verse, but here are a few records that show him at his most venomous. You’ve been warned.

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Best of XXL

  • Mikehunt

    oh my god XXL needs to stop sucking Eminem’s dick. We all know he’s good, fucking dickriders

  • AZ40

    He hasn’t really dissed any relavent rappers has he

    • john

      Cause the good relevant rappers know not to fuck with him.

  • jonathan

    how is go ‘go to sleep’ ft dmx not here ?

  • Blackjesus

    There is brutal where you ruin there career, then their is eminem which was so brutal that he didn’t just end his enemy but killed the chance anyone would ever do I again.