Meet Gabe Day: 18-year old college student, rapper and the son of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

Day, a student at Sarah Lawrence College, posted his new video, "Green Auras," in which the aspiring rapper rhymes over J. Cole's "Let Nas Down", dons a menacing skeleton mask and raps about his life as the son of a famous actor.

"Judgin' someone for their dad is just as bad as being racist," Day raps at one point on the song before adding "Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you're trying to call me out I'm 'bout to Gabe Day-Lose-It!"

Yesterday, after an unfavorable post at VICE's Noisey blog, Day took to his Facebook to respond to Noisey's dismissal of his music:

"It is with a tinge of sadness that I write this response to a post on VICE in relation to the release of my video “Green Auras”. There are some matters I would like to touch upon as a lot of the statements made about me and my work is very prejudicial and for the most part, misinformed. It is obvious that the sole purpose of this article is hurt me and, once again, compare me to my dad. As this is my first time releasing anything that has gotten this kind of attention on the web, it is only normal that there is still a lot of work to be done but please hear me when I say that aside from my good friends and those close to me, no one contributing to this feud against me has any real grasp on what my life has been like in a familial or social context. This therefore makes it irresponsible for people to judge my personal manifestations or “privileged mental anguish” as they have been. The article posted is nothing but spiteful and seems to be reaching for anything that can be used to offend me, as it is not only attacking me, but those in my entourage. Yes there are street kids and liberal arts kids in my video… So... does this mean that a diverse friend group is improper? Also, the rip on my lyrics about doing too many drugs; why choose to attack what is clearly something that I am opening up about in terms of a chapter in my life that has deeply affected me, something I’ve overcome..? As for the Africa necklace, it is a piece I picked up at a small crafts stand in Harlem on a very special day and I wore it for good luck on the day of my shoot. Sorry if this or my line comparing the prejudice against me to racism has offended anyone whom has heard my song.

Most do not know that I consider myself to be a singer songwriter, which is what I am transferring to Berklee college of music to pursue, and that this rap mix tape was a project, put together by my friends and I as a means of using some of my lyrics to give those whom don’t know me a better sense of who I am as a person. I am not a hateful guy and have dealt with this kind of unpleasantness my entire life. If you choose to fuel the fire and try to hurt me for a harmless compilation of five self produced rap tracks, so be it, just let it be known that attacking someone so ferociously in their debut is not only bandwagon, but in the long run, doesn't amount to much I look up to my father and his work with admiration, and I aspire to be as great a man as him but never have I hoped to live up to the grandeur of his accomplishment. I have been privileged in the sense that I have always had a family that has loved and cared for me but like many, I’ve had constant struggles of my own that I wanted to make relatable to others through this project. A lot of support has been shown and I thank those people for their respect, even if my work does not necessarily appeal to them. I’m well intentioned and don’t aspire to be anyone else but myself, no matter how much I’m being compared to Chef Haze! The video posted of me being an idiot in a rap battle is not only a joke as I did not rap but sang at the time, but I was also fifteen years old. Its easy to tear someone’s efforts down, the thing to remember is that those efforts should be respected nevertheless. I've always wanted to be a musician and I am well aware that this will entail a constant diss of my work. I don't have a problem with that. I don't think that I am "doomed to be hated forever", we all make our own fate and I will take this as an opportunity to better myself. Haters, I thank you; live long and prosper."

[Via Daily Mail]