Action Bronson and his producer Party Supplies like to burn scented oils in the Brooklyn beatmaker's Williamsburg loft. The oils provided by Party Supplies A.K.A. Justin Nealis’ girlfriend help give their new mixtape, Blue Chips 2, an “international” feeling that Bronson wants the album to have—he wants the audience to have a cinematic experience while listening to the new tape.

“Drive around the city listening to it," Bronson says. "Go over some bridges. It’ll feel like you’re in the video."

Blue Chips 2 is the sequel to the duo’s acclaimed 2012 mixtape that many fans and critics proclaimed to be one of the best releases of last year. The original tape features an incredible alchemy between the Queens rapper and his producer as songs such as “9/24/11,” “Hookers At The Point” and “Thug Love Story 2” highlight Bronson’s gift for finely detailed storytelling and his penchant for bugged-out, pop culture surrealism. Meanwhile, Party Supplies’ production provides Bronson with a vintage soundscape for Bronson to rock over. Nealis’ seems to have the uncanny ability to find the perfect sample to fit Bronson’s out-sized personality.

“Bronson will be there and I will be going through some sounds and if he gives me the look,” Party Supplies said of the production process, “That’s when I know to press the button on that one.”

Today, Blue Chips 2 officially released online to the public. Earlier this week, Bronson and Party Supplies spoke to XXL on the phone about the process of making the album, breaking down five of the best songs on Blue Chips 2. Read on to find out how Action Bronson comes up with the titles for his song and if Bronson considers himself a legend in the game yet. —B.J. Steiner (@DocZeusXXL)