According to Bun B and A$AP Rocky, Trinidad Jame$ could not have put too much thought into his infamous claims about the poor standing of NY's hip-hop. With Bun stating that there would be no hip-hop without NY, as it was birthed in the empire state and Rocky stating that geography should place barriers in hip-hop, both undoubtedly disagreed with Jame$' statements.

On MTV's Rapfix Live, the rappers along with host Sway Calloway responded to Trinidad Jame$ claim that the Atlanta sound runs New York's hip-hop scene. "It's not really about who run what; everybody got its time," A$AP Rocky responded on the show. "Everybody got its time, but people don't wanna enjoy that until it's gone." Bun B following chiming in, "Hip-hop and the actual art of rapping started here in New York, so if you're an MC by due product you're already trying to be like New York. So it don't make no sense for nobody to act like New York trying to be like them," he backed.

Watch the entire clip above.