The 50 Best Eminem Verses


“Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch,” rapped Eminem on “Berzerk,” the speaker-annihilating, Rick Rubin-produced single off his latest record Marshall Mathers LP 2. It’s an interesting request from a rapper who has always been a little old school at heart. Wasn’t Eminem delivering straight hip-hop all along?

With the release of MMLP2 this week, XXL is in a nostalgic mood, looking back at Eminem’s 50 best verses. From his hungry Infinite days to his reign as pop’s blonde-haired badboy to his triumphant return as a hip-hop elder-statesman, Eminem has tried on many identities and personas (and voices) throughout his career, but they all share one thing: a commitment to lyrical perfection. –Eric Diep, Dan Jackson, Reed Jackson, Miranda Johnson, Dan Rys, B.J. Steiner And Emmanuel C. M.

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Best of XXL

  • joe

    great list. you pretty much got everything on here. except i would have put a verse from yellow brick road on here… cuz that song was awesome and i love the story he tells. and its something that could have made him lose fans but he put it out anyways. overall dope list. good job guys

  • Slim Joe

    seeing that verse 1 from low down dirty make the list made this list 100 times better

    • joe

      agreed. and infinite. those two really sold me on this one.

  • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

    My absolute favorite verse from him is the second verse on “Soldier”

  • 8Galaxy5

    A verse from 8Mile Road should have made it.
    The 3rd verse from Till I Collapse too.

  • Mike Van Orden

    some good verses in here, for sure, this is an almost impossible list to make though cause his catalogue is so extensive and his words means so much to so many different people in different ways. The top 10 is pretty spot on though. I might put Renegade #1 even though it’s not his song. Nail in the Coffin should been on here somewhere, that’s probably the most brutal diss track in the history of hip hop.

    • jordan

      funny thing..renegade was originally his was originally him and royce collabing on the song till jay heard and it and paid em for the rights to it

      • Mike Van Orden

        doesn’t surprise me in the slightest

  • Tom

    You have the wrong song above “Bad Meets Evil”

  • You forgot “8-mile”, from the 8-Mile soundtrack. That arguably his best song and his most underrated, and my all time favorite Eminem song.

    • That’s*

  • darren

    how has his final verse from Hailies song not even got a mention! For me the most well put together verse of all time

  • Meee

    Till I Collapse verse one/three and Biterphobia verse one, and possible Rain Man verse one, are also dope :D


    They should add the last verse in Bad Guy to in this list and the last verse in Evil Twin