16 Adorable Kids Rapping On YouTube

They say hip-hop is a young person’s game. Old school artists might rightfully complain about fans cruelly forgetting their accomplishments  but hip-hop’s eternal fascination with the fresh and new gives vital sustenance into the hip-hop ecosystem. Young stars are what brings new innovation to the game and you only have to glance at XXL‘s annual Freshman list to see a glimpse of the future.

Of course, sometimes that “future” might be an exceptionally precocious child. In hip-hop history, you can find scores of child rappers such as Kriss Kross, Bow Wow, Chi Ali and Shyheim the Rugged Child  that made a big impact on the game. Today, you might be able to capture a glimpse of tomorrow’s future superstars in a video rapping on YouTube.

XXL is highlighting 16 adorable kid rappers that are showing and proving their skills on YouTube today.

Here’s to the youngest in charge!

  • Mz. GotMyOwnSwagg

    The Y.N. Rich Kids is made up of a group of over 60 children in an after school program. Da Rich Kidzz, formerly Y.N. Rich Kidzz, is made up of 6 unique children creating a movement of positive “kidzz tested, mother approved” music.