15 Rap Songs Influenced By Middle Eastern And Southeast Asian Music


The word “exotic” is a huge misnomer sometimes, but it’s probably the only word you can possibly use to describe the sound of hip-hop mixed with a hint of some dholki or bansuri. Those are Indian instruments in case you didn’t know, but adding those sounds along with the multi-linguistics of Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, etc. bring a certain something to the often hard-hitting basslines found within rap music.

We’ve collected some of the best thus far, from features to samples. So break out your Google Translate and check out our picks. –KI

  • BrianRaider

    Look At E Double Rockin The Throwback Pistons Jacket & T!!! Also Damn I Love That Truth Hurts Joint Hate They Got Sued!!! Quik Is A Genius Mayne!!!

  • BrianRaider

    Wylding The Fuck Out To This Petey Pablo!!!! Cot Damn Timbo!!!! Timbo Da King!!! Damn He Was Almost The Whole Article. OK So I Didn’t Know Raise Up Was A Sample!!! This Shit Still Goes!!! Timbaland … WE WANT MORE!!!! dAMN TIMOTHY!!!!

  • BrianRaider

    “I Don’t Die Slow, Put Them Rags Up Like Petey Pablo!!!”

  • Tony Pattawon

    Solas – “Maid On The Shore” sample Timbaland used for All Yall is an Irish Sample not Asian

  • Tay

    Should of had “Be Easy” by yukmouth ft ray j….that song has a sick middle eastern sample and hook