12 Creepy Sculptures Of Rappers

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    (Not creepy but this is always relevant)

You only have to peruse the lyrics of rap’s cultural elites to get a glimpse that hip-hop has a growing appreciation of the classical arts. Whether it is Jay Z, A$AP Rocky or Rick Ross, everybody seems to be jacking for Basquiats these days. Of course, it makes sense that artists would begin to reciprocate the love that hip-hop is showing their world. These days rappers have becoming muses for fine artists as they often find themselves being depicted in the work of various artistic media.

Of course, sometimes the depiction isn’t necessarily the most flattering. On Friday, artist Daniel Edwards debuted his latest provocative celebrity sculpture—a very creepy mash-up of Jay Z and the 1980s cartoon The Care Bears. Depending on where you stand on finding yourself surrounded by perpetually cheery anthropomorphic bear-like creatures, the image is a potentially nightmare-inducing visual for the viewer.

While Jay Z is the latest rapper to show up as the inspiration for a skin-crawling statuette, he is hardly the only rapper to be depicted as a stone monument of horror. Here are 12 creepy sculptures of rappers that will haunt your nightmares.

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