10 Essential Funk Volume Tracks

“Go Off”
Artist: Jarren Benton Featuring SwizZz And Hopsin
Project: My Grandma’s Basement (2013)

“Hotel Stripper”
Artist: Dizzy Wright Featuring Jarren Benton
Project: The First Agreement (2012)

Artist: SwizZz
Project: N/A (2013)

“We On (My Own Dick)”
Artist: Jarren Benton Featuring Dizzy Wright And Pounds
Project: My Grandma’s Basement (2013)

“Hop Is Back”
Artist: Hopsin
Project: Knock Madness (2013)

“Rip Your Heart Out”
Artist: Hopsin Featuring Tech N9ne
Project: Knock Madness (2013)

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  • Andres Reyes

    damn dizzy wright hitting the roids or what

    • joel james

      he just eating now haha

  • Mith of The Lifted Gifted
  • GrizzlyAdams

    Why is there no ILL Mind of Hopsin’s on the list?

  • Devon Lorek

    Less Hop, more Dizzy.
    Better Smokeout and My Grandma’s basement songs.
    Yes FV 2012, yes Hotel Stripper.
    Nothing from Hopsin’s new leaks should be up here and at least one Golden Age song needs to be.

    • FVforLife

      Hotel Stripper shouldn’t be there, it should be Ill Mind 5

  • jonathan schrak

    Watsky Should be added

  • BigWolf

    hotel strippers sucks. Need WAY more SwizZz on this list.

  • Ahmed El Aissi

    Where the hell is The flavor ?