After serving a six month sentence for a probation violation, Young Scooter is out of jail. The Atlanta rapper behind "Colombia" was filmed being reunited with his son by MTV and according to his Twitter account he's planning a "release party" to celebrate his return.

The Brick Squad affiliated rapper was sent to DeKalb County Jail on April 8, but he was productive during his time there, writing letters and even recording a song over the phone in jail. During his time behind bars he was also briefly bunkmates with his label boss, Gucci Mane.

"We just really talking about how we don’t need to be in this situation, how we really have got to do better," Scooter told XXL during a phone interview back in July. "We’ve got a lot of fans, a lot of people depending on us, mainly our family and kids. For being a rapper, we’ve got a lot of fans, and they don’t want to see us incarcerated. And both of us being in the same cell that was like kind of crazy."

XXL reached out to Young Scooter's camp to confirm the details of his release, but has yet to hear back as of press time. Check out a video of Young Scooter reuniting with his son, below.

[via MTV]