Earlier this week, Yo Gotti released "LeBron James," a track that found the Memphis rapper comparing himself to the Miami Heat super-star, so it's not surprising that Gotti would be feeling on top of the world these days. But in a new promotional clip for his upcoming I Am album, which drops November 19, he says he actually feels like LeBron James before he got his championship ring.

So does that mean Gotti is planning on moving to Cleveland soon? Not exactly. He's just looking to post up some big numbers with his new LP. "You know how everybody liked LeBron but he didn't have a ring?" asks Gotti in the clip. "He had the money, he had the swag, but he didn't have the ring. That's how I feel."

Despite these concerns, Gotti doesn't seem too worried. He's confident that I Am will deliver—and even if it doesn't, he's got plenty of cash to fall back on. "The money don't mean nothing to me no more," he explains. "The cars don't mean nothing to me. The jewelry don't mean nothing. I wanna put some numbers up. I'm gonna get money regardless." Watch the full clip above.