XXL Dresses Up For Halloween

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    Manny as 2 Chainz
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    Christine and Eric Diep as ScHoolgirl Q and King Kendrick Lamar
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    Dan Jackson as Young Rick Rubin.
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    B.J. Steiner as Mac Miller
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    Miranda as Humpty Hump
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    Fletch as Trinidad Jame$

It’s Halloween at the XXL Offices and we are in a festive mood! In celebration of the holiday, our staff decided to dress up today as our favorite hip-hop artist for the day. If you are looking for a last-minute idea of who to go as for Halloween, we humbly suggest these particular options.

You can vote for your favorite costume in the survey below.

  • http://fletch.in Fletch

    Worst Trinidad Jame$ costume, ever!

    • Eric Diep