More so than other rappers, Wale is known for his ability to mix it up with fans and critics on social media. Whether he's trying to learn more about anime or reviewing restaurants on Yelp, the Gifted rapper has a tendency to share bits of his personal life, ask questions and often argue with his detractors on various platforms, but especially on Twitter. It seems like he enjoys it. Or at least, he used to. This weekend Wale deleted his Twitter account.

While his Instagram remains active, it appears that the MMG affiliated artist is taking a little social media break. Given his typically active Twitter presence, the deletion of his account has lead to some rumors about what could have lead to the decision.

One theory involves a diss track by a former collaborator released this weekend. All Hip-Hop speculates that the hiatus is a result of a song released by D.C. rapper Southeast Slim, aka Sace. The track itself is titled "Forever Hitter Quitter" and it finds Sace taking aim at Wale over the beat of Meek Mill's "Dreams And Nightmares," with Sace claiming that Wale left his old friend behind after finding success in the music industry.

The description on the song's Audio Mack page explains some of the origin story behind the track. "If anyone knows Southeast (aka Sace) they know that there was a point in time when he and Wale were 'thick as theives' on the DC Hip Hop Scene," reads the description. "Then something 'happened.' Nobody really knows what 'happened,' but Wale blew up and Sace, kinda, didn't. Sace touches on a few topics in this track that may have contributed to his 'time' coming now and not 'earlier.'"

Then again, Wale could just be bummed about the Washington Redskins loss to the Broncos yesterday. He's a big fan of the team and even released a track for quarterback RGIII earlier this year. XXL reached out to a representative from Wale's camp for comment but has yet to hear back as of press time.