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  • ale

    This album is good !! for sure not classic like the first one.

    • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

      Definitely. The album is not great, but it is good. To be honest, he should have taken a couple of the bad songs out and it would have been a lot better. Still, his flow on the album is ridiculously good. That’s how you know he still has it.

      • Zuri A.

        I agree, I just see so many people hating on the shit

    • Massacred

      These “twitter” reviews are simply laighable

      Based on the free pass that they gave Drake for basically making the same
      album three times, and the rejection of Eminem’s (which is actually a step
      forward for him musically) obviously they have a bias against rap that isn’t
      “moody” or “conflicted” or “smart”–that latter
      adjective most dubiously being used to allow “socially conscious”
      rappers from that late 90′s to run on fumes under the guise of virtue while
      superior talent got shouted down for being “ignorant” and “brutal.”

      Of course, the fault lines are a little different. Mopey, Black Nu Wave
      hipster rappers would appear to be in critical favor at the expense of
      everything else these days. They distill all of Kanye West’s worst tendencies
      without being nearly as clever or creative, and image-wise they create a ton of
      problems, mainly displaying emotion as a stance rather than an actual action.
      So instead of actually listening to a work and coming to it on it’s own terms,
      reviewers and the populous look for certain cues of authenticity. I’m tortured by

      Anyway, all of this is terribly ironic, given that people who objectively
      listen to Eminem’s music know that he is nothing if not smart, conflicted, and
      moody. When’s the last time you heard a rapper within the public conscious
      sample Billy Squire? Let’s talk about Headlights, which isn’t
      “uncharacteristically stupid,” but rather one of the best songs
      Eminem has released coming to grip with his early 2000’s persona. And while I
      could take or leave that some of the more “pop” oriented songs Most of them
      made sense within the context they were placed within the album. Tracks like
      Bad Guy, So Far…, Brainless and Evil twin show that the youthful furiousness
      that defined his earlier works is still well and alive (to the dismay of the
      contrarians). Listening to this LP is
      very much like taking a host of adrenalin, even the slowest songs on the album
      have Eminem all but screaming angrily into the mic.

      Seeing as how they led off this piece by disparaging recent projects by Slim
      for being sonically narrow, they came to this album with a clear distain for
      the type of music that the artist makes, which is irresponsible by these
      “reviewers” at its finest. Instead of listening to it and judging it for what
      it is (rather than what they wanted it to be), they condescendingly wrote it
      off as “spinning the same tired tales of tough-guy criminality.” That
      might fly for Gucci Mane, or Waka Flocka Flame, or Young Jeezy speaking of which,
      but not a rapper who is half responsible for two of the best rap records of the
      past ten years.

      Next time guys, listen to whats on the LP not what you want to be on it.

  • Zuri A.

    It’s not a classic, but it’s a good album

    • Danial Parsa

      man putting MMLP and MMLP2 at the same level would be a fucking joke …….


    thats because no body wants jayz’s shit

  • Mel

    Wonderful!!! Now all the annoying bandwagon rappers can jump off so we can enjoy true talent

  • Easy

    This is a pop record. Pop Beats, Pop Hooks. Pop Features. Disappointed

    • D Rose

      Too nobody else is gonna admit that shit. Em got all these d ridin fans that dont listen to rap outsie of him. an they all the ones that say he the goat. Em is top ten all time but hes not top 5 FOH

      • Makaveli040

        he is definetly top 5,and yes i am a fan and this album is good.
        Got albums from Masta Ace to KRS One, Rakim u name them, so i listen to others besides him but still think he is up there in the top 5 of all time. I guess some of the best rappers who say Eminem is top 5 are dick riding fans too that dont listen to other rappers right? Respect your opinion but don’t judge too fast caus comments like this make u look like a joke no offense.

    • Massacred

      Really? If you would, please go and show me a single song on the radio that sounds anything like Berzerk or Rap God. I can honestly say nothing coming from my radio station is playing anything that sounds slightly like them.

      Additionally I have seriously doubts that songs like Bad Guy, Brainless, So Far… or Evil Twin would end up anywhere near billboards hot 100.

      A pop record this most certainly is not.

  • Clondyke Classic

    I don’t like it at all

  • ken kaniffff

    lmfao this album is making me crack^ lol ” he said ahhhh fuck it” bang! master piece…….kidz go back & figure the story out…………….
    its gonna take some reachin back in the archvies

  • Illmatical

    It doesn’t sound exactly like
    the MMLP, but guess what kids? Its doesn’t have too. This was Eminem
    revisiting the ideas, concepts, and mindset behind that album, Not the

    Moreover another thing, its pretty clear that after the Rick
    Ross/Kanye/Good Music production that happens now a days, people cannot
    appropriate old school esk production anymore……….. How sad is this.

    Eminem doesn’t give a F*ck about whats popular or not, he’s gonna
    make the album sound like whatever he wants and if you don’t like it,
    suck his g****m c**k

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    kendrick buried em? Kendrick did better than most, but ems 2nd verse cut kendricks head clean off

  • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

    check out the deluxe edition tracks…crazy