Train Of Thought With Scarface, Kanye West, Pusha T


In the sixteen years since XXL’s inception, we have spoken with a LOT of rappers about how the sausage is made with their music. Pretty much since the mag’s beginnings, we have been running a reoccurring column “Train Of Thought” where hip-hop’s most esteemed lyricists touch upon the inspiration for their illest verses. Over the years, we’ve had everybody from Kanye West to Scarface break down some the greatest verses from their songs.

XXL is looking back today at 10 of the best “Train Of Thought” features we have run in the past 16 years in the magazine. Here are the stories behind some of the best to ever do it. -B.J. Steiner

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  • mistah dubs

    notice how these all date back to 2006 and beforehand it shows that a vast majority of hip hop today is missing the substance and lyrics to make it mean something except for a few in the mainstream (Kendrick, black hippy, etc.) and those in the underground scene