Terrace Martin Goes Behind The Boards With Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa And Problem


I think me and Problem make the best music together. The crew—me, Problem, Bad Lucc, Kendrick—we are a close-knit family back at home. It looks spread out, but it’s not. Everybody is connected.

Everybody has been in my living room rapping. I’ve always had studios in my house. Everybody at one point—even at one time—is staying with me rapping. We’ve always done music like that as a crew. [Problem] brings out the best melodies. He’s a time machine, man. He’s one of the best songwriters in the world. In my view of him, the rap thing is a piece of him. He’s a producer. He’s an excellent songwriter. He was rapping, but he really got taught how to get it together by Kurupt. His art of rhyme. If you cut him loose, oh my God. He’s one of my top MCs. Kendrick, him, Lucc, Ab, Jay Rock. These are some of my top MCs in the game to me.

I like one [collaboration] on my album. He came up with the idea of melody on “Something Else.” Me and 9th Wonder produced the record. Problem came with that hook and it was, whew. “Remember what you told me? You never leave…” He’s so ’90s! He’s so, like, Teddy Riley! He’s my favorite person to work with. Even when I do an all jazz album, I am going to have him produce a lot of it. A lot of it.

I love all the ratchet music that everybody does. That’s not my thing. I like getting turnt up in the club, drinking to it, hanging out. After an hour and an half, it’s time to cut that shit the fuck off. [Laughs] For the most case, I love it, partying. Turnt up to it. He does that well. He’s not just that, but that’s his lane in L.A. But he’s definitely about to shock everybody.

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