Hot Pockets aren't exactly the type of food you dream about—unless you happen to be Kate Upton. The latest ridiculous commercial for the popular and gastronomically questionable snack product finds the model and actress eating a Hot Pocket right before bed, which sends her into a dream-like trance where frequent pitch-man Snoop Dogg and other Hot Pocket-loving celebrities serenade her to the song "You Got What I Eat," a playful reinterpretation of Biz Markie's 1989 classic "Just A Friend." It will probably make you hungry.

Snoop makes a strong case for the snack in his verse. "I got buttery seasoning so hip it drips," he raps. "Tastes so good, gotta lick your lips." The clip also features a thoroughly random assemblage of celebrities, including Bow Wow, Oliver Cooper, KevJumba and Larry King. The ad ends with a very pressing question: "Are you #TEAMCRUST or #TEAMMEAT?" Watch the video and figure out for yourself.

[via Miss Info]