Television’s fakest reality show made its grand return to BET after the Hip-Hop Awards, and as expected, it was packed with foolishness and hilarity. On this week’s season premiere episode, Kevin Hart is bigger and richer than life, and decides to flaunt his wealth at all costs. But as always, the comedian finds himself being “Mitched” by his Hollywood co-stars. With plenty of drama and guest stars, here are six of this week’s funniest moments…

Love & Hip-Hop Spoof - In the opening scene, the show spoofs Love & Hip-Hop’s dramatic introduction, where Mona Scott-Young usually narrates the premiere’s opening scene. “I didn’t choose Hollywood. It chose me, and now that I’m here there’s one important lesson I’ve learned, this shit harder than I thought, especially for the husbands,” Kevin Hart says as he walked around a room filled with his other cast mates. “In this town who you’re married to is more important than talent,” he says as Tisha Campbell-Martin is shown given her credit card to Duane Martin to pay for their drinks at the bar. Hart goes on to say that he keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, and daps up Nick Cannon (who’s his Arch-nemesis on the show). “Even when you’re on top, you’re no more than a stumble away from losing it all,” Kevin says as he trips and falls in slow motion.

Wanda Sykes Bitches Kevin Hart - As Kevin is showing his 10-million dollar house to the evening entertainment show, OMG Insider, he stumbles upon comedian Wanda Sykes in his home rearranging his decor for a fundraiser he promised she could host there. When Wanda tells Kevin Hart that she’ll make him disappear, to which he responds, “like you did your interest in men?” referring to her being a lesbian. “You’re just mad because I get more pussy than you,” Wanda snaps back.

Boris Kodjoe Packs A Few Pounds - During the fundraiser, Boris Kodjoe tries to hide the fact that he’s packed on a few pounds due to his lack of work in Hollywood as of late (he’s actually wearing a fat suit). When Tisha asks Boris and his wife Nicole Ari Parker when they will work together again, Nicole says they will right after Boris “has the baby.” To add more insult to injury, when a director, who’s interested in casting Boris as his leading man, sees how much weight he’s gained he tells his agent, “If I wanted Ruben Studdard I would have called him.”

Baby Mama Drama - Kevin Hart’s ex-wife and Baby Mama, Bridgette, crashes the party with her cousin to protest Kev, while shouting on intercoms that he’s a dead-beat dad. After Kevin agrees to pay for her $10,000 an hour acting lessons, Bridgette eventually backs off.

Kardashian Takeover - After Kevin bids $20,000 on the auctioning of a smart car for charity, Khloe Kardashian, who’s introduced as “North West’s Auntie,” walks out from the crowd and outbids him. “What do you even need this car for? You can’t even reach the pedals,” she says. “You think I can’t keep up with you because you’re a Kardashian?” Kevin says, feeling emasculated. After Kevin is pressured to bid $150,000, Khloe’s mom, Kris Jenner, appears to console him. “Do you need to borrow a little money?” she asks. Khloe, however, wasn’t so happy. “I finally get to do a show without my family and this bitch pops up in the scene.”

Put The Paws On ‘Em - After fighting over model Selita Ebanks with actor Romany Malco, Kevin Hart decides to “put the paws on him,” (another Love & Hip-Hop reference), only they end up knocking each other out at the same time, and the scene ends up making the tabloids. “Samuel L. Jackson once told me there was no such thing as bad publicity. Sam Jackson also did a movie called Snakes On A Plain, which makes me believe that Sam don’t know what the fuck he talkin’ about because this shit’s terrible.”

Stay tuned for what comedic adventures Kevin and company have in store on Real Husbands of Hollywood. - Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)