For one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the game, not many people outside the people who work with him understand Khaled's role in the process of making his own songs. After all, Khaled's title cannot be so easily defined. He is a hip-hop artist that doesn't seem to produce beats, rap or sing on any of his songs, yet his name is on top of the track's title.

In a Making-Of-Video that premiered on WorldStarHipHop, legendary rapper Scarface offered insight into the nature of Khaled's role in making his music.

"A lot of people get that fucked up." Scarface explained about Khaled "They think that a producer makes beats and shit. Nah. A producer gets the job done. And Khaled is more of a producer than a lot of motherfuckers that make beats, in my opinion. Khaled sees that motherfucker from beginning to end. He produces his own shit."

Aslo in the video, you can see a glimpse of how Khaled operates as a producer. The video offers a making-of documentary for his new song, "Never Surrender," featuring Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Akon, Anthony Hamilton and John Legend on the track.

You can watch the entire 10-minute doc in the video above. DJ Khaled's Suffering From Success is set for release on October 22.