Salaam Remi is staple in hip-hop and R&B whose worked with names such as Nas, Amy Winehouse and the Fugees. Notably, Remi released his new compilation album One: In The Chamber earlier this month that showcases a long list of artists who shine brighter when getting into the studio with him.

During his interview with HipHopDX, Remi recalled working with Nas and J. Cole specifically. Fans of the Queensbridge rapper are familiar with Remi’s work with Nas, which dates back to God’s Son. On the track “Get Down,” Remi says the horns added on the jazzy track were Nas’ idea at first.

“The day we made “Get Down,” number one: As a producer, I wouldn’t have sampled that James Brown thing in 2002. I wasn’t thinking about it, but he was like, “Hey, I want to rhyme off of that. Can you loop that for me?” So I went to Colony Records on 49th and Broadway, bought the CD, threw it in, looped it for him,” he said.

Remi explained further: “Yeah, at the time we were working on 48th and Broadway around the corner. So I went to the store and bought the CD with the Black Caesar soundtrack. I looped it, and he was like, “Okay, sample the ‘Get Down.’” Nas was a producer on that record.”

J. Cole is another artist Remi has worked with in the beginning of his career. After detailing the creative process of artists at different points of their lives, he went into a particular session with Cole.

“Like with J. Cole and the sessions I had with him. He wrote “Who Dat” to the track that I was doing with him, and then put the rhymes back together on his own beat,” he said. “I just like to inspire them. I’ll inspire them, and then they’ll inspire me, and we share this inspiration. And if we record it properly we can inspire others.”

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