RiFF RaFF Doused With Beer By Hecklers During Ohio Show


RiFF RaFF’s recent gig at the Halftime Fest at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio didn’t quite go as planned. The polarizing rapper was performing at the school last week when someone hurled a beer can his way while he was performing. The Houston rapper didn’t take too kindly to the unrequested cold one and threatened to knuckle up with the guilty party. “The ol’ sucker ass-motharf#cker throwing the can, I bet you won’t step on the stage,” RiFF RaFF yelled at the culprits. “I will whoop your f#ckin’ ass.” After no one obliged his request to shoot a fair one, and more beer was showered onto the stage, the Houston rapper said, “I’m done,” before stomping off, ending his set early. Azealia Banks was similarly bombarded by a beer can during two shows in Australia. Cold world. Check out the footage, below.

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  • Ross S

    id leave too eff that…let the crowd take it out on who threw the can. i know id whoop someones butt if a show i paid for got cut short by their rude behavior.

  • Kyle

    Don’t blame artists that do this, its disrespectful. They are on the road dealing with all the behind the scenes bullshit, constantly traveling to do something to give back to the fans then someone pulls this shit. Besides if it were my dj equipment shit up there i’d be furious if some idiot got beer on it. People need a reality check to that shit