Yesterday, Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon stopped by Regis Philbin's rapper-friendly Fox Sports TV show, Crowd Goes Wild, to talk football, boxing and their musical legacy. In the intro, the 82-year-old talk show host revealed his Wu-Tang allegiance. "When it comes to music most people assume that Regis is exclusively a Dean Martin kind of guy," explains Regis in the clip. "But the truth is when I really wanna let off some steam I get in my car, I turn on the 8-track and I put on a little Wu-Tang."

Of course, he then went onto mispronounce Raekwon's name—sorry Regis, it's not Kaewon—but the guys took it in stride. Raekwon even gave Regis his own Wu-Tang shirt and later posed for an amazing Instagram picture with the affable host. Regis is officially a Killa Bee now.

During their segment, Ghost and Rae also talked about the competitive nature of the music industry, the changes in the game and Rae discussed one of his favorite football players, Jerome Bettis. "Guess what his number is?" Raekwon asks in the clip. "36. 36 chambers!"

In the second segment, the pair stuck around and played a rhyming game called "That's A Rap" where they had a to fill in the blanks of rap lyrics by athletes. Check it out below.

[via Complex]