Rappers Who Lost Their V-Card Before They Hit High School


Lil Wayne- Age 11

In a 2009 interview with Playboy Magazine, Wayne unveils, “I was 11 and the girl was 13. She had every board game you could imagine. I liked board games. We was playing Win Lose or Draw and on the board she wrote, “F*ck me.” Now I was 11, and I didn’t even know it meant intercourse. I just knew it was a cuss word, so I was like, “Why is she cussing herself out?” She said, “Do you want to play Press Your Luck?” Well, the game is in my closet. She had a walk-in closet, so she said, “Go get it, it’s right to the right.” When I walk to the closet she came in and cut the lights off and took off my pants, and I remember my ass was cold up against the wall. I was like, “What the hell!?” When I tried to push her off me, I felt that she was naked also, so I just stepped back and let her do what she do.

In another incident in 2009, in The Carter, an unauthorized Lil Wayne documentary released to the internet, Wayne tells Lil Twist about his sexual encounters encouraged by Birdman. “You ain’t fuckin’ yet? I was fuckin’ at eleven!” Wayne tells Twist. Wayne continues,”It ain’t ’cause you’re a male, it ain’t ’cause you’re 15, it’s because you’re Young Money. You’re supposed to,” he urges. “I got raped when I was eleven, Twist,” Wayne tells him. “I loved it. I’ll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared, it was good . . . I’ll never forget their words: ‘Suck Lil Wayne’s little dick! Girl, you know you’re such a good dick sucker . . . Suck Lil Wayne’s little dick!,’” he says. “I’m sitting there like, Shorty! I ain’t never had this shit happen!” Wayne then tells Twist that Birdman was one of the men encouraging the woman to perform oral sex on him.

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