It's no surprise that many rappers lost their virginities at early ages. However, there are quite a few that began having sex before they even hit the 8th grade. Most MCs are quite open about the matter and there are a bunch of intercourse stories out there that are extremely shocking to say the least.

With Diddy and Iggy Azalea getting a start at 13, Flavor Flav losing his v-card at age 6 and Chris Brown learning the ropes from his older cousins at age 8, all though odd, the tales of early encounters are for sure interesting. Ja Rule recently came forth as another addition to our list of rappers who lost their v-Cards before high school. In his new book,  Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a ManJa Rule details losing his virginity at a very young age. TMZ recently caught up with Rule to get more details on the rapper's first encounter and Ja revealed he lost his virginity at age 12.

Ja Rule, Iggy and Diddy included, take a look at our gallery of rapper's who got an early start with sex. Let's talk about sex, baby!