Rappers Who Escaped Death And Lived To Tell About It


Kidd Kidd

In June 2011, Kidd Kidd got shot just a week after meeting his now boss,50 Cent. Attacked and shot six times, the rapper was in a car outside of his mother’s house in New Orleans when two men opened fire after identifying him. Although the incident left Kidd rocking a colostomy bag, experiencing a similar situation, Fif had him performing shows while in recovery to prepare him for the better days that were head.

His response to the whole ordeal, “I feel like how Slim said, “God left me alive, so I can blow up in the world. I thank the man every night for takin’ me off that furly girl, It gave me the opportunity to raise my son in my community, Cause now a days n***** got guns and s***, screamin out unity! M********* a n**** blusing me, Thats something I can’t go for, I done signed the contract, Shut the studio door!”“.

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  • BrianRaider

    This Is So Deep!!! This Is Serious!!! As Hard As Life Can Be We Are All Lucky To Be Here!!! Its A Blessing!!! Miranda I Don’t Know What Possessed You To Make This But This Is … This Is Another Article I Needed To See Right Now!!! Thank You!!! Awww Man… Wayne Is My Favorite Rapper Living!!! Em Is The Most Successful Rapper From My Area!!! Game Is Like A Huge Influence On Me, Ross Makes All This Great Fucking Music!!! Damn Man!!! Shoutz To Fif & Ye!!! We All Just Lucky To Be Here Right Now!!! Damn… This Is The Best Article I’ve Read This Year If Not Ever On XXL!!! I’m Glad All Artists Named Are Still Here!!! Much Love To All Of Y’all!!!

    • Andre Jones

      I have to say this: You come on here, on every article, and write every word starting in a capital letter. So for every word you reach over to that shift key to just capitalize it. Is that like OCD or something or are you just a complete idiot?

    • jimmistackz

      ur a fucken punk bitch

  • J_Sleazy

    The doctors should have left Kanye’s jaw wired shut…

  • Mike Day

    Left out Killa Cam. “Threw the Lam in 6th, drove to the ER”

  • C

    waynes been shot too

  • Jack

    niggas need to learn how to drive :D