Pusha T's promo run for My Name Is My Name keeps on going, but the Virginia rapper seems a fearless candidate to talk about the holiday of Halloween, and that's just what MTV News did. Having asked which horror movie Push would see himself starring in, he went with Child's Play, starring the horrifically evil doll Chucky.

"Chucky was the most evilest lil bastard, but he had a sense of humor," Push said. "It was funny, but it was dark at the same time, like dark humor. But he was just really mean and, to me, that had a real impact on me...as far as horror movies go."

The Clipse man also dished on why, exactly, that would be his go-to—the hair. "That means I would get to wear that Chucky wig," Pusha continued. "That Chucky hair is phenomenal."

He also weighed in on his favorite candy to get as a kid—Jolly Ranchers—and which he wasn't a fan of. "Some homes would have, like, candy corn and things that are sort of cheap," he said. "But if you get Jolly Ranchers, these people actually gave a damn about you as a child."

Check the video above.