Pharrell and Will.I.Am have been trading shots and case filings back and forth ever since Will.I.Am filed a suit against Skateboard P over the launch of Pharrell's I Am Other YouTube channel. Originally, Will was trying to claim trademark infringement, saying consumers would be confused between the two, seeing as both Will and P have achieved "great distinction" in music and have worked with many of the biggest artists in the game.

Today, according to TMZ, Pharrell filed a new counterclaim against Will saying that they, in fact, were not on the same level musically, and that no one would be confused by the name of the channel. Throwing shade by saying he's bigger than Will? A tactic that, based on this summer's playlist, might actually work. He also invoked Will's sketchy history with copyright suits in the past, having been named in a series of claims for infringement and song stealing.

P—who just celebrated his marriage this weekend—requested that the original suit be tossed out, and that Will cover his lawyer fees.

Representatives for Pharrell had not responded to request for comment as of press time.