OG Ron C is the H-Town ambassador. The 39-year-old producer, DJ and Swishahouse co-founder came up studying the legacies of DJ Screw and Michael Watts, two pioneers of chopped and screwed music that helped push the culture outside of the Texas border. Rappers like Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Pimp C and more have slowed down versions of their classic albums, displaying a seamless blend of music at a relaxed pace. The trend reached its peak with Chamillionaire’s The Sound Of Revenge, which was the highest selling chopped and screwed album to date.

DJ Screw’s run in the early 1990s influenced many successors likes OG Ron C to help keep the subculture relevant in Houston rap. Part of the music’s popularity came from its association with lean, but now OG’s Chopped Not Slopped ten-man team is focused on keeping the craft alive. His interpretations of this year’s biggest albums—B.O.A.T.S. II: Me TimeChopping Ain’t The Same—shows he’s still keeping his ear on the streets and blogs to assess what’s hot right now.

XXL got down with the OVO signee to give us a guide of making his signature sound. From chopping up lyrics and remixing the tracklist to adding his wow factor, there’s a certain level of perfection that needs to be maintained. Hold on to your double cups, because we're about to go in. —Eric Diep (@E_Diep)