Nas gave an interview to The Huffington Post today, where he discussed the delay regarding his followup to last year's XXL-rated Life Is Good, as well as some plans to put together a special concert next year in honor of the 20th anniversary of his seminal debut Illmatic.

"We’re putting together a concert," he said about his debut album. "And I think we’re going to do something with the album and repackage it with special stuff. I think that’s in the works."

He also spoke about the anxiously-awaited followup to Life Is Good, saying that the album title came a little too easily, and that he didn't think it fit the record he had in mind. "With Life Is Good it felt like hip-hop needed an album to help steer the direction of the sound and the rest of the albums that were coming out that year. I think after that I saw a nice sharp turn for the better in rap albums...With this record...It’s the next chapter in myself as a writer. I’m really excited about every new leaf I turn."

Check the full interview—which also focuses on his branding deals with Hennessy and his new clothing line HSTRY—right here.